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Brock Lesnar: mega ultra superstar?

Adam Swift makes the argument that Brock Lesnar will become the UFC’s biggest star:

Lesnar has all the tools necessary to become the sport’s first true superstar. The sport has seen its share of “rockstars,” the largest being Chuck Liddell, but never a true breakout superstar with the potential to capture the imagination of popular culture. The Iceman made his name as something of a silent assassin, a dominating knockout artist during a two-year run in the course of MMA’s boom, but doesn’t posses the showmanship, engaging personality, and interesting biography of Lesnar. As large as Liddell was/is, Lesnar has the potential be bigger, no pun intended.

There’s no doubt that the retard sports networks are head over heels in love with Brock Lesnar already, just as they were with Kimbo. But in order for this ‘superstar’ prediction to come through, Lesnar’s gotta keep winning. And I dunno … his next fight is gonna be against guys who both have DECADES worth of jiu jitsu experience. These aren’t dudes who ‘know a few things’ … these motherfuckers have 27 submission wins between them in mixed martial arts. Sure, Lesnar can probably knock either of them out with those ‘lunch box fists’ (a simile I’m already AIDS sick of), but I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

At this point, I’m interested in seeing how far the Brock train can roll before going off the rails. But if he manages a few more wins over serious competition and shows he can hold his own on the ground and not fall victim to every non-conventional submission thrown his way, then maybe I’ll start to think he could become the ‘first true UFC superstar.’