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Brock Lesnar is not a pro wrestler.

MMA Torch has a unique perspective on how to get over the whole Brock Lesnar / Pro Wrestler thing. They argue that just because Brock was a pro wrestler for several years, it doesn’t mean that is who he really ‘is’, in the grander scheme of things:

Brad Pitt once appeared on “Growing Pains” and George Clooney had a recurring role on “The Facts of Life,” but neither one did it because it was their dream to appear on a sitcom or for the love of either one of those programs. They were young actors looking to put food on the table and to hope to make it out of such roles in the future.

Brock Lesnar was a young athlete and was able to utilize those gifts and garner a nice paycheck by being a professional wrestler for a moment, but this was only to put food on his table and perhaps give him the chance to do that which he wanted in the future. We all would take a huge paycheck to do something we didn’t love, and I guarantee that many of you would toss Danny DeVito’s salad for one million dollars, but you sure as hell wouldn’t want someone asking you how it tasted three years later. You would argue that you weren’t gay and merely did it for the money.