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Brock Lesnar is back this summer

Brock Lesnar showed up with Dana White on ESPN this morning to update everyone on his situation. The good news? He’s coming back this summer and will face the winner of March’s Mir / Carwin fight – or if they bust eachother up too badly, the winner of Velasquez / Nog. That’s just Dana White covering his bases though and why hype one fight as having title implications if you can hype two?

The bad news in all this is that it sets up a potential third Lesnar / Mir fight. The first two fights hashed that configuration out pretty thoroughly, and the second one was Brock’s last fight. Defending against the same guy twice in a row just seems … slightly disappointing. There’s something wrong when 3 out of 5 of your UFC fights are against the same guy.

There’s one simple solution though that will make everything better and that’s for Shane Carwin to knock Frank Mir out – not something too high on the impossi-scale. Only one of Carwin’s 11 fights has left the second minute and every single one of his UFC fights has ended with a KO. Add in the fact that Frank doesn’t do well when getting smashed in the face and I think there’s a pretty good chance we’ll avoid a one year anniversary redo of Lesnar / Mir 2.