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Brock Larson vs Carlos Condit

Hmm … who’s going to win? The guy that looks like a fucking wrecking ball or the guy that looks like he should be on the cover of ‘Smooth Young Boys’ magazine? This here is the big match I’m looking forward to on the August 5th WEC card. Paulo Filho vs Joe Doerkson could potentially be okay, but I’m way too busy driving the Brock bandwagon to care that much about anything else right now. Beep beep!

  • intenso says:

    the horn on the brock bandwagon certainly does not say “beep”

  • Mike O says:

    you know what annoys me is how brock lesnar has pretty much the same name as that guy

  • Jonathan says:

    Are you allowed to cut with that nose Brock?

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  • rori says:

    brock larson is the next wec world welter wieght champion- first round-then ufc pussies better watch out because he is blood thirsty and ready for that gold to!! no.1!! a class like no other condit better not chump out this time!! hurt shoulder “pussy” brock’s buddy sean sherk fought and won the world title with a shoulder he knew he had to have surgery on two days after the fight!! now thats a warrior and a champ!! watch out carlos here comes brock lee and hes sending you to the hospital!!

  • Dave says:

    Dear Mr “fightlinker”,
    Are we to assume you will now be renewing your subcscirption to ‘Smooth Young Boys’ this quarter?

    Dave, president of sales
    [email protected]