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Brock Larson seems easy going

It was hard being a Brock Larson fan after he got punked by Carlos Condit back at WEC 29. On top of hearing the standard “neener neener” that comes from yer boy getting subbed 90 seconds into a fight, Larson was then banished to the WEC prelims where his next ‘win’ was the result of an illegal strike to his face that broke his jaw.

To say I was looking forward to his WEC rematch with Condit would be an understatement, so I was actully pissed when I learned the fight was scrapped and both Larson and Condit were headed back to the UFC. Yeah, I know. How irrational is that?

Now Larson is back in the big show and he’s kicking some ass. At UFC 98 he subbed out Mike Pyle and earned a $60,000 bonus for his efforts. The funny thing about it though was that he wasn’t even supposed to be fighting Pyle … Mike was a last second replacement for Chris Wilson (who just wants you to know his mystery issue “is NOT herpes”). MMA Junkie has the whole story:

“I actually found out at 7:30 in the morning on Friday, the day of the weigh-ins, that [the UFC] was switching opponents on me,” Larson said. “I knew that Chris Wilson was having a little bit of an issue with the commission. I knew that [his removal] was a possibility, but I didn’t put any thought into it until I actually got the phone call saying, ‘Hey, you’re now fighting Pyle.'”

Larson said he knew nothing about his opponent when he agreed to accept the contest.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, [expletive],'” Larson said. “Thank God for iPhones, because then I could at least get a look at him a little bit.”

“I could have (not approved the change to Pyle), and [UFC officials] asked me, and then they asked me to waive the weigh-ins, give him a couple of pounds and stuff. I did that, too. I just wanted to fight. Pyle was doing a great thing stepping in on short notice. My hat goes off to him as well.”

Once Larson agreed to grant Pyle a few pounds allowance, he was then offered the same courtesy. The 31-year-old turned it down.

“I was kidding with (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva and said, ‘Oh, I don’t have to make weight either?'” Larson said. “He said, ‘Yeah, if you want to go ahead.’ I said, ‘No, I’ll make the weight.’

“I’m not big on being a douchebag. I’ll keep it good and make the fight happen.”

For all his douchebagginess, Mike Pyle is no slouch in the cage. Actually, maybe he is … XTreme Couture has been pimping him as one of their next big things for a while but after getting tooled by both Jake Shields and Brock Larson, I’m starting to wonder. Still, how hard can you bag on a guy who accepted a fight on such short notice? So for that Pyle earns cool points that I will trade in the next time he does something lame / stupid.