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Brock is spending big dough training for Shane Carwin

Even though Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin isn’t a fight that’s gonna set the world on fire like say Brock vs Randy or Brock vs Fedor, that doesn’t mean our favorite (okay, only) penis sworded fighter isn’t taking the fight hella serious: Lesnar claims his current training camp is costing him ‘six figures’.

Now that kind of money could get you pretty fucking far in the real world – sessions with the absolute best in the world on whatever subject you wanted knowledge on. Fuck, for that amount you could get Michael Phelps to teach you his breaststroke trick AND how he hits a bong for maximum hightitude.

But remember: Brock Lesnar doesn’t live in the real world. He lives in the remote wastelands of Minnesota and ain’t gonna leave just because the people he wants to train with are in places that don’t suck giant gopher balls. So he flies them all in and puts them up in his little town and takes care of all the expenses, the biggest of which I imagine is the giant wad you’ve gotta include to get anyone to agree to spend 3 months in buttfuck nowhere with only Brock Lesnar as company.

So while a six figure training camp might seem impressive even if it’s low six figures like The Ultimate Fighter’s six figure contract ($100,001), keep in mind that Brock runs his shit in a retarded and convoluted manner that jacks the price up on everything pretty damn quick. Props to him for having the money to do it that way and actually spending it, but it’s not like you can say his camp is super magic awesome times just because he’s figured out a way to blow way more money than anyone else.