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Brock doesn’t like gay jokes

There’s a massive 3 page interview with Brock Lesnar over at Maxim where they cover everything you could possibly want to know about him. Unlike in his ESPN E:60 segment, he didn’t seem to mind being asked about steroids, stating that he’s “built like a black guy” (possibly not the most PC response but not nearly as racist as some are trying to spin it) but it looks like gay jokes are still off the table:

Approaching him, I’m hit by the cloying scent of the oil smeared all over his torso. We’re talking about Frank Mir when I interrupt to joke, “You smell delicious, by the way.” I do know what I was thinking: There’s something comical about an enormous man who’s basically wearing perfume. But as soon as I utter those words, I realize I’ve fucked up massively. Galactically. You do not make sexually ambiguous quips to a man who grapples intimately with other men for a living.

Lesnar’s eyes narrow. His lips tighten. “What?” he asks. His tone is equal parts malevolence and disgust.

“What is that smell?” I stammer, trying to sound offhand about it.

He’s watching me closely. “Oil,” he sneers.

I brace myself for the most tooth-jarring, eardrum-popping bitch-slap ever administered, but it never comes. When he beats you up, as he did Chris Tuchscherer, or backs you down, as he’s just done me, you cease to exist for Brock Lesnar. He turns toward a photographer. “You want me to look at the camera?” he asks. “Or should I look through it?”

It doesn’t surprise me that Brock ain’t about to open the door even a little to any gay jokes. When you have a retarded dong blade on your chest, it’s only one small step from “You smell yummy” comments to shit like “Do you have a vagina tattooed on your asshole as well?” Still, you gotta figure a bunch of people – emboldened by the existence of personal injury lawsuits – have still mocked him to his face for having a ridged and veiny phallus on him. So while I’m not about to forgive Lesnar for being a raging homophobe, I will cut him some slack for shutting down any homo-humor before it gets started.

Also on Maxim, take note of the annoying hover-ads for the contest from Pontiac featuring Gina Carano. Is it just me or does it look like they hiked her fight shorts up to hide a bit of a Chuckbelly?