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“Brock did it, so why not Batista?”

After a weekend involving more wrasslers than you can shake a steel chair at, MMA fans are starting to feel the same way about pro wrestlers as the entire planet feels about those pansy ass Twilight vampires: we want to load them into a rocket and shoot them into the goddamn sun. So Scott Coker kinda picked a bad time to start floating the idea of 41 year old WWE star Batista coming to Strikeforce:

“They have the desire to fight in MMA and we’re trying to put together a deal that makes sense,” Coker told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show last week. “Is he signed right now? No. But is he somebody we’d like to see in the cage in the future fighting for Strikeforce? It’s a possibility.”

“Just like we did with Herschel (Walker), we’d have to put him into a gym,” said Coker of a potential deal. “It doesn’t matter what gym, as long as it’s a reputable mixed martial arts academy. He has to go in there and train because if he didn’t, we’d probably have a short relationship.”

When asked if former WWE champion and decorated college wrestler Bobby Lashley was under consideration as a potential opponent for Batista, Coker acknowledged that the bout had some cache.

“That would just be a fun fight to watch,” said Coker.

“We’re not the guys that are putting all the circus fights on,” said Coker, “but in all fairness, look at Brock Lesnar. He made the crossover. Why not Batista?”

Well for starters he has no experience. Like whatsoever in any martial art ever. And in wrestling you might be able to Ric Flair it until your wrinkly balls are hanging out the bottom of your tights but MMA is no place for old men not named Randy Couture. Plus there’s that minor detail that Batista spent 10 years murderizing his body on the wrassling circuit. His muscles are so tender and juicy they come off the bone like the stuff in a KFC variety bucket.

You might think I’m biased because pro wrestling sits just above genital warts in my list of things I think suck. But I have no problem with guys like Batista coming over and having a few fights in MMA. It just moves things in America one step closer to the freakshow spectacles PRIDE used to have and I’m A-OK with that. But don’t patronize me with this “Brock did it so why not Batista” crap. No matter how they try to market this, they’re still trying to justify bringing in a guy who has no business in major league MMA.

MMA gyms aren’t body shops. You can’t just run a guy through one and he comes out all clean and fresh and ready to go. Honestly, I find Strikeforce’s hands on approach to ‘grooming’ these guys one of the worst parts of the whole situation. Sign the guy and let him sink or swim on his own merits. Book him against someone else who’s already on your roster – no ringers this time, Scott. And just admit the only reason you’re considering this is because Batista was a huge star in pro wrestling and people will tune in to watch him. The rest of it is just crap, and everyone knows it.