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Bring your binoculars

If you thought watching a UFC event live was bad, take a look at the view from Saitama Super Arena. Is it “Super” because you’re “Super” far away? They should rename the back seats to Saitama Shitty Arena because you can barely see the fighters from back there let alone know what they’re up to.

I’ve pretty much had my fill of live MMA events. Sure, if I can bamboozle me some press passes to cover an event, I’ll do it. But overall if I had a choice between paying to see a UFC show live or watching the event in federal ‘Pound Me in the Ass’ prison, I’ll take the prison. At least there I have a chance of NOT getting raped … plus a better view of the fights.

Simple truth of the matter is that going to see MMA fights live is a downgrade from watching it on television. That the UFC has managed to market live MMA as the most exciting shit you’ll ever see is a testament to the fact that Dana White could sell ice makers to Eskimos. Sure, the atmosphere is electric … it doesn’t get much better than 20,000 people screaming their heads off to see some violence happen before their eyes. It’s a very Roman Colosseum vibe, which is cool to experience. But not so cool is spending at least half the night watching the screens instead of the live action.

  • frickshun says:

    I think you’re mostly right. I’ve been to 2 events & had very good seats for both. But seeing the fights close up & hearing the punches land adds a lot more than the electric atmosphere does. Plus, it’s a different experience watching it at home picking your own food & drink, sitting on a nice couch & choosing who you hang out with.


  • Tertio says:

    Even the screen looks tiny. Like watching a hockey game on your super futuristic miniature wrist watch.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Only advantage about watching a show live is that you get to see all of the fights.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Opera glasses?

  • goo says:

    That looks seriously shit. I never even thought of it like that because I am a dumb baby.

    I only saw the UFC live once, because they’ve only come to Ireland once. Its crazy exciting, but to get decent seats I had to spend like 300 euro (that’s about $10m). I’m not sure I’d go again actually because I normally don’t like fucking idiots in to my house, but I can’t control who buys tickets for the UFC. I was so embarrassed whenever the drunk fuckers in the crowd booed, and it makes sense that half of the action will happen on the wrong side of the cage, so I couldn’t really make stuff out. I think I could have the exact same experience at local shows, which I should really go to or fight at haha, without the huge amounts of money or feeling that I missed out on really seeing interesting fights in detail.

  • Lifer says:

    a lady friend of mine attended ufc 83 in montrealllllll and she got floor seats and said since everyone was standing she got to stare straight up at the ceiling with everyone else anyways and felt her $500 was wasted.

    that might look like they only have 1 screen up in that arena picture but if youve ever watched japanese events they almost always have gigantic screens all the way around the arena (you think they pack 70k+ without them or something..?).

    PLUS on top of that they have the fucking amazing 3d holographic images rotating over the ring before fights and shit. ive never seen the ufc do that EVER. all they have is the fucking gladiator BULLMULLARKY. japan > *

  • I’m pretty sure the holographic things are a special effect that is only seen on TV. I agree re: floor seats. I’ve been in the bleeds, the floor, and the press box, and for a smaller show I’ve been midway down the 100s. I’d say the 100s are the best because you’re at a good angle to see what’s happening on the ground

  • Rob Enderle says:

    Now I dont want to insinuate that you take in the ass but any guy who is given a choice and thinks going to “federal ‘Pound Me in the Ass’ is a better choice really is trying to tell us something.

    I went to UFC83 and a Yanks-Sox game last month. The numerous fights, loud, drunk obnoxious fans who dont even bother facing the field…its not even fucking close. I wouldnt take kids or a wife to those baseball games.

  • That’s a widescreen lens that distorts the perspective somewhat.
    I saw Pride MW GP opening round *cough cough Silva Sakuraba Rua Rampage Vovchanchyn Arona cough cough* and I had the second worst level of seating, pretty far away, and let me tell you I have never been so brain-meltingly pumperised in my whole life. It was incredible. Totally worth it, even though the fighters were like tiny tiny stick men.

  • Larsenator says:

    Then you should try watching the K-1 WGP in Tokyo Dome (they moved it now I know). Had ring side seats but when you went to the mens room it was “kinda” hard to find your seat again!!!!
    85,000 people inside this massive baseball stadium! That was one hell of an experience.
    Sorry for showing off guys, lol.

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  • iamphoenix says:

    very on topic. we should keep this guy around. I FUCKING love binoculars.