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Brian Stann Military Man gets business done

Who’d have thought that putting a military hero with power in his hands against a foreign guy with a questionable chin on Memorial Day weekend would go so well? Brian Stann did what was expected of him and knocked Jorge Santiago stupid. More than that, he made it look easy.

While he managed to knock Santiago on his ass midway through the first round, it was another exchange near the end of the second round that saw Stann drop Santiago and follow up with bombs to the face until Jorge’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head and the ref stepped in to stop things.

I’ve had Brian Stann pegged as a two dimensional UFC creation for so long that it’s hard to shift gears and admit he might have some serious talent here. Jorge Santiago obviously has issues taking the hard shots, but he was still competing up at the top of the Japanese fight scene and doing damn well doing it.

Maybe that tells you how far things have fallen over there. Maybe it was just a bad style matchup for Santiago. Or maybe Brian Stann is becoming more than just a gatekeeper with Marine cred the UFC trots out on military holidays. That’s what I figured he was for a while back in the WEC days. Now I’m not so sure.