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Brian Stann Knows There Is Good In Jon Jones

Jon Jones

Brian Stann was once a teammate of Jon Jones at Jackson-Winkeljohn in New Mexico.

Stann, a member of the FOX Sports announce team, appeared on a recent edition of “UFC Tonight” to provide insight into the mind of the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

“I’d love to say I was shocked, but I was not,” Stann said. “On a scale from one-to-10, probably a four of a five.

“I was shocked at the details surrounding it and how it went down.”

Previously, Jones was found to have cocaine metabolites in his system during a random drug test late in 2014 prior to facing Daniel Cormier. Also, he had a driving under the influence charge previously in his UFC career.

Despite that, Stann doesn’t think Jones is a “bad guy.”

“I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t witness him act with kindness and caring and be a person with character,” he said. “In his loss to Matt Hamill, which was a simple rule break, he handled it with class and care. When he first came into that gym, people knew there was something unique about him. He had a lot more to lose than everyone around him, and the leaches came out who wanted to take something from him early on and he dealt with a lot of temptation.

“He’s very lucky. This is the second time he’s been in an automobile accident and somebody could have died. That’s an unfixable mistake.”

The UFC stripped him of his title and suspended him until all of the legal actions play out, leaving Jones away from the sport he has dominated for several years. Many wondered what the promotion would do, but they quickly made the move to distance themselves from “Bones.”

“I was surprised how quickly it happened. If you care about Jon, and saw this coming at some point, you are happy with it,” he said. “This is the only way for him to realize there’s a problem. This is a massive embarrassment and a huge loss of money. And he’s lost his right to work. If you care about him, you wanted something to happen that would make him reevaluate how he lives his life and make the appropriate changes.”