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Brett Rogers wants what he can’t have

Brett Rogers has been dusting up on his fight hyping trash talk:

“I want to fight soon, and I want to fight Alistar. I’m 100% healthy and took zero damage in the fight; so I’m ready to go right now. As I said Strikeforce is my home; I love Strikeforce and in my opinion Alistar holding the title belt is an insult to every fighter in this organization, every fan and to Scott Coker. Champions defend their titles. And either Scott strips him and real fighters battle for it; or I will take it off him the hard way.”

It’s a pretty good little twirl and includes not just a nice dose of F U to Overeem but a high five to Scott Coker and a big loving hug to Strikeforce. In short, it would be hard to scientifically craft a more effective call out without the aid of some Yo Momma insults, which jumped the shark the day Fez from That 70’s Show hosted an entire TV series devoted to them.

Unfortunately for Brett Rogers, even the best of smack ain’t powerful enough to erase the reality that Overeem’s next fight in Strikeforce – whenever that’s gonna be – will be Fedor, aka the guy who just knocked Rogers the fuck out.

(bonus: Brett’s old Kimbo / Shamrock call out, also awesome and also fruitless. He needs to pick his targets better.)