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Brett Roger’s Strikeforce fight now a question mark

Poor Brett Rogers … what does a brother have to do to get a fight locked down? Just a day after sources indicated that he’d be facing off against some dude named Ron Humphries, Strikeforce is starting to sound awful uncertain about it happening:

“You know how the guys get,” Afromowitz told ( on Wednesday. “[The fight signing] gets close, and everyone gets excited and starts talking and saying it’s done. But it’s not signed.”

Afromowitz said event organizers want to get Rogers on the April 11 card. However, he couldn’t elaborate on what exactly is holding up the fight with Humphries from being signed. Regardless, Rogers remains a priority.

“We’d like to have Brett (on the card); that’s for sure,” Afromowitz said. “We could scrap the fight (with Humphries) all together, or we could find a different opponent. We just have to find the right fit.”

I don’t see what makes Rogers such a hard fit.

  • Step 1: Find a washed up former UFC heavyweight.
  • Step 2: Book him in a fight against Brett Rogers.
  • Step 3: Enjoy watching Brett Rogers maul a washed up UFC heavyweight.

I agree that the Humphries choice is a bit dumb. Either Humphries is a strong prospect in which case it’s dumb to debut him against Rogers or Humphries is no big deal why bother with him anyways? Rogers has been waiting for a proper test for over a year now. How about you fucking give him one, Strikeforce?