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Brett Rogers is coming to Bellator

Back in 2009, Brett Rogers was a fan favorite with a cool mohawk and a heartwarming backstory. When Josh Barnett was nixed from his Affliction fight with Fedor, fans everywhere (well, us hardcores) clamored for Brett to step in. From changing tires at Sam’s Club to fighting Fedor, what a Cinderella story! Then things deviated a bit from the fairy tale narrative, unless ‘happily ever after’ was code for Cinderella bashing the teeth out of Prince Charming’s head.

Since then, Brett has been in a bit of a fight purgatory. That seems to be coming to an end now with Bellator picking up the wayward heavyweight:

“I was in Chicago the night Brett Rogers came within just a few punches of dethroning The Last Emperor on a worldwide stage and I watched early in his career when he was a KO machine,” Bellator CEO & Chairman Bjorn Rebney said. “Brett’s management’s been talking to us for months about Brett. And, after talking to Brett at length, I think this could be the type of fresh start he needs to put his fighting career and other parts of his life back to where he hoped they would be.”

This of course has set off quite the firestorm across the MMA community. Should fighters with a history of punching women in the face be welcome back in the cage? Or is it just that we expect better from a company like Bellator? Maybe we need a league specifically for all the pieces of sh*t in MMA. Maybe that’s Bellator’s secret plan: a scumbag tournament! Brett Rogers can fight Frank Trigg in one bracket while Tommy Morrison and Jose Canseco duke it out in the other. Do it annually with the victor winning the Levens Cup. With such a rich pool of fighters floundering after their rape, sexual assault and molestation arrests, Bellator could really clean up.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Bellator: Where Criminals are Entertainment

  • Symbul says:

    How many heavyweight free agents are there out there who are better than Brett Rogers and have any kind of name recognition?

    Not that Brett isn’t pretty bad and he would stand no chance against Cole Konrad, but it shines a bit of light on why Bellator would pick up damaged goods like that.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    seems like the “talent” can be manufactured for the HW division seeing as how they all pretty much suck except for some of the guys in the UFC.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Brett “The Lyrical Jesse James” Rodgers

  • YoungDonDraper says:

    I just don’t understand why so many believe that if you have committed certain crimes, not only do you have to face the legal consequences, but no one should ever give you a job ever again either. The guy has a right to earn a living, people who believe differently are basically screaming “No good stuff should happen to the bad man!”

  • iamphoenix says:

    His first fight will be against Sara Kaufman.

  • frickshun says:

    Bellator is going to assemble a crack team of MMA assholes for a tourney. The winner will lead the team on a mission to break Joe Son out of prison. They’ll film a documentary on it called “Assault on A Girl Who Is 13.”