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Brett Rogers has his opponent

Strikeforce just put out a press release confirming that Brett Rogers would fight on their April 11th card against Ronald “Abongo” Humphrey. Who’s that? He’s one of the contestants from BET’s Iron Ring show, and he’s pretty serious about his African heritage:

While his birth name is “Ronald,” Humphrey prefers to be addressed as “Abongo,” the name of an African warrior spirit believed to protect a village located in The Republic of Ghana.  The moniker was bestowed upon him two and a half years ago after he endured a series of mentally and physically grueling tasks during a rites of passage trip to Africa.

Humphrey’s experience there inspired him to establish a non-profit organization that allows him to introduce other African-Americans to their heritage by bringing them to Africa.

“There’s certain things that are lacking in the black community here and one of them has to do with cultural identity,” explained Humphrey.  “Fighting and doing the community work in Africa is something that really drives me and motivates me in life.”

The ” target=”_blank”>videos of Abongo floating around show him using the clinch and some nifty kicks to take out his fatass opponents. Strikeforce lists him as 12-0 but everyone else sits him around 5-0, and shows that his first amateur fight ended with a DQ loss due to excessive fouls. I don’t think he’s gonna win the fight, but either we get a quick KO or a brawl. I’m happy with both possibilities.