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Breaking up is hard to do…

Usually, when something dies, it’s supposed to stay dead. Once in a while, however, a decomposing body refuses to submit to the inevitable, and the result is the walking undead. Well, it looks like Pro Elite might be joining the ranks of zombie Shakespeare, with word that they are no longer filing for bankruptcy

So as a result, they are holding on to their fighter contracts for dear life. Sure, some enterprising go-getters like Lawler and Diaz are writing “dear John” letters to break-up, but they might be dealing with a clingy fucking girlfriend that won’t go away.

Personally, I like how they are trying to back peddle from this bankruptcy thing and are claiming that they were merely downsizing. If it’s true that was their original intent (which i highly fucking doubt), it would be like shooting off your leg with a shotgun when you’ve been bitten by a mosquito.

My best guess is that Pro Elite is still holding on to what they have in the foolish hope that CBS is going to take pity on them and buy whatever is left before the fire sale is over. It make sense, except for the fact that EliteXC is the MMA equivalent of a street hooker. Sure, she might look like she’s ok, but really, she’s dead inside.