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BREAKING NEWS: TUF fighters added to TUF finale!!!

Looks like the TUF finale finally has a little bit of TUF added to it.

We were all surprised when the UFC started stacking the TUF 7 finale card with non-TUF fights. But considering how bad this season’s fighters have been, I’m not going to complain too much. I still find it funny that the TUF roster is so terrible that no one past the two finalists were going to get a spot. To me, this fact is something of an admission from the UFC that TUF 7 was pretty much devoid of all talent. I’m glad they made that clear so I don’t have to worry about missing out on anything newsworthy by skipping the show. I much prefer Martial Farts’ fantasy version better anyways.

Not everyone from the show has been given the instant “Thanks for the blood, now fuck off losers” treatment. A small injection of TUF has just been thrown onto the card in the form of Dante Rivera vs Matthew Riddle. Rivera hasn’t really done anything worth noting on the show, while Riddle is best known for being a huge cocksmith and smashing up some guy’s face up back in episode 2 or 3. That brings the card up to 9 fights, so my bet is you’ll see another fight or two involving guys who made it a bit closer to becoming the next … ULTIMATE FIGHTAH.