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BREAKING NEWS: Rashad Evans does not trade Christmas cards with Rampage Jackson

After seeing one another in the crowd at UFC 100, light heavyweight contenders Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans got into a bit of a shoving match with one another. After all, that’s what us grown men do when we see someone we dislike. Evans talked to ESPN Radio and gave his point of view on the heat between himself and Rampage.

We seen each other, we got into it again. It just wasn’t the right place. It happens every single time we get together. I kind of look at him and he sets me off. He can just be walking by me doing nothing.

I feel the same way whenever I see my grandfather out in public. That motherfucker still owes me $7. Just last week I was at the supermarket and I saw him checking out with a package of Depends® and a carton of US Gold 100s. I couldn’t help but start smashing him in the hip with my 36 pack of Budweiser in order to knock that shit out of place again. Who visited you when you were in the hospital for that hip replacement surgery anyway, eh grandpa? Prick.

Anyway, I bet that’s exactly how Evans feels when he sees Rampage. Only difference is at least he’ll get to smash the Rampage’s face while inside the Octagon before the end of the year. I’m going to have to settle for sneaking into the old fuck’s house on occasion and tossing Ex-Lax into his morning tea.