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Break out your stupid Karate Kid headbands y’all, the return of GSP is near

Can’t get the blood flowing to your pecker to get up for Bellator? You aint alone, homey. The squash matches of World Series of Fighting got you craving some top level, championship MMA? I feel ya, dog. And are you part of the great majority who will miss Rich Franklin vs Cung Le next week because you don’t get the shitty FUEL channel? Figure that shit out, son. But all is not lost, because on November 17th, GSP makes his grand return from ACL surgery to face Carlos Condit.

As with anytime GSP fights, we get some all-access footage to completely take the jelly out of our donuts and question why we’re even MMA fans in the first place. In this most current episode, we have all the prerequisites that make these videos so Goddamn lame: the dramatic scoring, the New Mexico landscape, and of course the Canadian maple leaf. On a positive note though, they do show GSP’s street hockey skills, Rory McDonald’s 1950’s George McFly hairdo, and most importantly, Condit’s lovely wife. For that alone, it’s worth the watch.