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Brazilian traffic almost claims two champs

Anyone else notice that following MMA nowadays is similar to watching those Final Destination movies? People are getting mangled left and right and there’s no end in sight to the series. So when I start hearing more and more about MMA fighters narrowly avoiding serious road accidents, I get slightly nervous. First, there was Jose Aldo:

Jose Aldo scared his coaches last Saturday. The UFC featherweight champion, who has an appointment on October 13th at UFC Rio 3, against Frankie Edgar, suffered a motorcycle crash in Copacabana, when heading home. His motto was hit by a car.

The incident was reported by O Globo newspaper and TATAME confirmed it with his coach Andre Pederneiras. According to Pederneiras, the champion only got few scratches and a swollen foot, but it will not get in the way of his next bout on the Wonderful City.

“Our only concern is the swollen foot, but there was no fracture. He is gonna rest this week and get back to training next week”, said the champ’s coach, on a chat with TATAME. “He also got some scratches on his knee, leg and butt, but we believe there won’t be a problem”.

Besides a little scolding, Andre prohibited the fighter from driving motorcycles to avoid other risks in the future. “He’s prohibited from riding a motto”, warns.

And then Junior Dos Santos:

Junior dos Santos had his car damaged by another motorist and complained about the person’s ‘bad energy’ for the unfortunately incident. “

“The traffic in Salvador is frightening. They just hit my car and didn’t even stop, continued on their way as if it were a normal situation. Please, let’s be more conscious and respect other people. We gain nothing with violence and disrespect in traffic. Give passage and let things go peacefully,” Dos Santos reflected afterwards.

Answering a follower on Twitter, Cigano wrote that he did not get the car’s registration. “I didn’t take the number man, but I will tell you that I want to be distant from a person like this. He/She has a bad energy.”

Aldo wouldn’t have been the first UFC champion pasted across the pavement in a motorcycle accident. Frank Mir went from UFC heavyweight champion to depressed washout after a car knocked him 80 feet off his motorcycle and broke his leg in half. In addition to almost killing him, it also took him over four years to return to proper fighting form. Maybe Dana needs to add a new champion’s clause: no motos once you win the UFC belt. Or better yet: no driving anything smaller than a tank while in Brazil. If you’re going to get bashed and broken, it better be by someone in the cage, not a car.