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Brazilian fight politics

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do down in Brazil, it’s train with the wrong people. What constitutes the wrong people, I have no idea. But there seems to be a ton of rules regarding where you can go, who you can train with, and which fights you can accept afterward. Switching camps is a doublecross that can create lifelong rifts. And apparently fighting someone you trained with before is similar, according to Anderson Silva:

Asked what he thinks about Belfort’s arrival in the UFC middleweight division, he sneered, “Which Vitor is that? The one who trained with me, Rogerio and Rodrigo a few months ago?”

Clearly Belfort’s willingness to fight him without complaint has touched a nerve. It is clear that Anderson sees it as a betrayal of some kind. “Maybe he will want to fight Rodrigo or Rogerio, even though he is training with them. I think Vitor has to find himself, he is totally lost,” he spat.

Seems to me if everyone in Brazil actually followed the ‘rules’, barely any fights would be happening. Fortunately they’re drama llamas and treat the slightest perception of betrayal as an invitation to freak out and betray right back. Thus the circle is complete, everyone gets pissed, and fights can happen. It’s fucking retarded, but I guess it works. You go, crazy Brazilian guys.