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Brazil shows the UK how it’s done

All you UK fans boo-hooing over the general lack of love Zuffa has shown you over the past year, rejoice! The UFC is returning to England at the end of September for UFC on FUEL 5. That’s right. You’ve been downgraded from PPVs without title fights to FUEL events. The indignity! But what is the UFC supposed to do? Keep throwing money away until your country catches MMA fever?

If you wanna see a country that really exploded with support for the UFC, look no further than Brazil. Sh*t be blowing up down there, son! The sport is all over television, the fighters are superstars, and there’s no stupid 5 hour time difference like in the UK to mess up PPV start time. Anderson Silva is getting star quarterback treatment, starring in Rei de Hambúrguer and Budweiser campaigns. The dude even made it onto the cover of Rolling Stone Brasil.

So next time you wonder why the UFC isn’t tripping over itself in anticipation to return to England, ask yourself: who’s crumpet do they have to suck to get on a decent television channel? Why isn’t Michael Bisping on the cover of Rolling Stone UK dressed as Freddie Mercury??? Honestly, you’re lucky to even get this TUF Smashes thing. Better hope people give two sh*tes about it. You wouldn’t want to lose that annual FUEL TV event.