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Brazil goes back to it’s roots

Back when I first started watching the UFC in 1994 (I was 13, you couldn’t pay me to wear anything other than green sweatpants, and I had a mullet), I thought it was pretty fucking horrific. And awesome. Like the majority of other middle-class suburban kids, I had never seen anyone get the shit kicked out of them for reals. So this stuff was pretty damned hardcore and I was thankful my dad didn’t know from the box that this wasn’t just more pro wrestling.

I was instantly hooked. God knows I couldn’t beat up that little bitch Tina down the street, but I could fantasize about it while watching these events. So over the years I put together a nice collection of tapes by copying rental videos over two VCRs.

I knew that mixed martial arts came from Brazil, but for the first while, the only Brazilian guy they showed was Royce Gracie and he was a wuss. Okay sure he won a lot, but I hated his fucking guts. He was the cocky little guy who’s family owned the company. He barely punched anyone and I simply wasn’t all that impressed with his style. Never mind the fucking cheater used his gi as a weapon. Fuck him.

It wasn’t until I saw the Battlecade videos that I got a taste of some serious violent Brazilian Vale Tudo. Mario Sperry, Conan Silveira, Ralph Gracie, and Allan Goes all taught me that Brazilians were not to be fucked with. All of a sudden I had visions of Brazil as a place overflowing with no holds barred tournaments just like in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie. And to a degree, I guess that’s how it was : people still talk about the infamously violent IVC events held in the dirtiest, sleaziest bar on earth.

Fast forward to now. People are fucking flipping out over “Rio Heros”, which attempts to step away from the MMA label and return to the original concept of Vale Tudo: Anything goes fighting. The show is just a bunch of guys going at it over the course of the night, with the only rules being no biting, groin shots, or eye gouging (too bad if Chuck Liddell wanted to compete here).

For me, this isn’t my cup of tea anymore. Call me over the hill, but I’m just not into the brutal aspect of fighting any more. On the other hand, I really couldn’t care at this point what other people are doing in some dank basement down in Sao Paulo. Whatever happens there isn’t going to stop MMA from growing. You can’t kill MMA with this kind of thing any more. We’re past that.

And regardless, this kind of thing was going on in Brazil for years and years. I’m really hoping that the majority of the people against this are only talking the talk for the sake of appearances. To hear Wanderlei Silva say he ‘watched it and cried’ is absurd considering his roots.

Yes, I know: we must distance ourselves from this kind of stuff, just like we want to distance MMA from cockfighting, dog fighting, trans fatty acids, fight clubs, and everything else bad. But let’s be honest here: this is what MMA used to be. And MMA will always be a form of fighting, no matter how hard people try to market it as something else.

  • Zurich says:

    Perhaps I’m just totally desensitized to violence, but I don’t find Rio Heros that violent. It’s pretty much MMA with the occasional headbutt or something. Or have I missed the good episodes?

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    Damn, you have a much cooler story about your discovery of MMA than
    mine (saw TUF one day).

  • Ro-J says:

    Yes I used to love the no rounds and anything goes days, but I agree i’ve lost the somach for it.

    Great site I just heard about it from MMA JUNKIE, he might be asking you to sleep on his couch!

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    mma junkie is a pillow biter. his couch is full of body fluid stains

    royce gracie rules. how could you not like him? youre allowed to compete with a gi. he beat up guys much bigger than him back in the day. wouldnt you rather see him throwing head butts vs kimo than watching the Diaz bros throw punches like girls?

    if i wanted to watch no holds barred action, id rent bum fights!

  • dignan says:

    In my opinion you either like to watch fights or you don’t. I personally like the sporting element, but wish that Pride still existed so we could see an occasional foot stomp to the head, or boot to the face.

    Rio Heros has already been done. Nothing new. Move on.

    I LOVE hockey, but in no way want to watch a bunch of dudes in small gear flying around a shoveled off frozen pond, where you could pass with backward laterals. MMA has moved on.

    fightlinker: You ever watch Rallarsving? That show fucking rules, and if I want to watch anything its a Phillippino street fight.

  • Kid Nate says:

    You don’t need an apostrophe for its — the only time you should use it’s is when you’re saying it is — it’s.
    its possessive doesn’t need an apostrophe.

  • I love my apostrophes and won’t let them go! Dignan – yeah I’ve watched several episodes of Rallarsving … the big dream goal of Fightlinker would be to go around doing the same thing in America. Kinda like tapout, except it wouldn’t suck 😉

  • kentyman says:

    Its annoying when people correct you’re grammar.

  • hbdale309 says:

    Guys, stop being morans and learn some grammer. That’s a big pet peeve of mine.
    Anyway, back to the topic:
    Do they allow small joint manipulations? ouchhhh

  • red lobster says:

    How about spelling? Is bad spelling a pet peeve of yours?

  • hbdale309 says:

    Spelling too, but not more then grammer.