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Brazil at the bottom of the UFC’s list

We’d taken a guess that the reason the UFC isn’t headed to Japan or Brazil any time soon are because these places are drowning in retarded fight politics that the UFC would rather stay clear of. Whatever the reason may or may not be, Lorenzo Fertitta put the kaibosh on our Japan dreams last week and now we’re learning that Brazil is at the end of a long and lame list of expansion countries. From Tatame:

“We are already with some plans underway in Brazil, inclusive. But it is true that a live event in the country would generate high visibility for the UFC. We are always looking for good opportunities to achieve this. We are making the UFC a global event and we would love to take it to Brazil. We are only studying the economic issues for this”, said Dana, to the UOL website.

On the other hand, Lorenzo Fertitta, owner of the organization next to the brother, Frank, is more cautious when talking about the plans for Brazil, in an exclusive interview published in the TATAME Magazine February issue. “I would love to do an event in Brazil, but, at this moment, our focus is on Europe and, for sure, we will be doing many fights in England, as we have already done in the past, and we’ll do an event in Germany this year. I also want to take some fights to Italy, Spain and some of these areas and then focus Brazil, South America and Asia”, detailed Lorenzo.

I’m still trying to figure out why the UFC pegged England and Europe for expansion first … I’d love to get the inside scoop on what Zuffa’s plan is. It might sound stupid hitting up Spain (Spain!!) before Brazil, but I have to hope that Dana and Lorenzo know what they’re doing and there is method to their madness.