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Brawl for it All fight with Don Frye finally surfaces

A while back, there was some event at the Cow Palace which may or may not have been called “The Brawl for it All”. The lineup started with all sorts of great fighters and ended up getting canceled by the CSAC because it was just a big clusterfuck by the end.

But not only was the event canceled, but all of the fighters were told they weren’t getting paid, which is interesting because I thought promoters had to submit a bond for fighter pay specifically to avoid situations like this. Of course, that may be part of why the event was canceled.

Anyways, the point of this thread is after people were told they weren’t getting paid, things got kind of hairy … you got a bunch of fighters in a room who are pissed, and things can quickly get out of hand. A drunken Don Frye tried to mediate the entire situation and was quickly punched in the face by Leland Chapman, who has something or other to do with Dog the Bounty Hunter.

I didn’t even bother to write anything about all this at the time, because I had faith that the internet would vomit up a video of the incident, and lo and behold, it has! If you’re feeling sorry for Don after watching this, don’t worry … he apparently tracked Leland down later on and got some payback.

**UPDATE** Turns out it wasn’t Leland Chapman but rather Leland Chapman’s boxing coach who got into things with Don Frye. Sorry it took me so long to issue a correction, but WordPress fucks up youtube posts pretty hardcore when you edit them so fixing this was like doing an Indiana Jones with a bag of sand trying to steal an emerald. Or I’m just lazy. You choose!

  • dignan says:

    Looks like Don took a beating.

    I read waaay back that Don fought the guy in a parking lot. True?

  • John says:

    How does some bodygaurd beat up Don Frye the guy who hockeypunched Takayama for a half hour

  • When you’re drunk it’s really hard to do anything well. Plus I’m pretty sure Frye wasn’t exactly in fighting shape at the time.

  • Frye was probably completely wasted.

  • joe boxer says:

    y was leland chapman there n y does he have a bodyguard??why was the bodyguard even involved with this???i want more story!!!

  • Accomando says:

    Funny stuff.

    I was at the XFO event this past saturday, and in the middle of a good fight that was taking place, two morons started swinging in the stands, whole crowd pays attention to them, I missed some of the fight, only to watch those 2 morons get forcibly removed from the event.

    Anyway, Frye got dropped bad in that video, damn.

  • Chapman was supposed to fight his first MMA fight on the card, and I suppose the body guard was some ploy to make people recognize his “celebrity” status, who knows.

  • Accomando says:

    “…If you’re feeling sorry for Don after watching this, don’t worry … he apparently tracked Leland down later on and got some payback…”

    Linker, you fucked up due to the retarded writing at “ufcgirls”.

    “…Don Frye battles it out in a hotel lobby with boxer Sonny Westbrook (Leland Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son’s bodyguard – wow that’s a long one). You can actually see Leland in the beginning of this flick…”

    The erroneous parathesis after “Sonny Westbrook” makes it seem like he also goes by, “Leland Chapman”, but Leland was the guy trying to break up the fight, it didn’t look like he was involved in throwing punches.

    Unless frye ended up beating them both up, which could have happened.

  • Ted Dibiase says:


    almost as awesome as Dog the Bounty Hunter. why was a boxer being Leland’s bodyguard? Beth could do that shit. she woulda made Don tap out due to boob smothering. it wouldnt have been so embarassing for Don that way.

  • marshal says:

    Who beat Frye up? Dog or a professional boxer?

  • No shame for Don. It could happen to anyone. But it sucks getting older or being drunk. It seems like Don knew what to do but couldn’t do it fast enough..

  • jjdnb says:

    ok Fightlinker, this video has been out a LONG time. Good thing this video finally made its way to you.
    Leland did beat up Frye, it was his bodyguard. From a few different accounts of this story, i’ve heard that Frye was trying to calm the situation down because the fighters were about to beating up the promoter and somehow got sucker punched by that thug bodyguard.

    I also heard that Frye got dropped again in the parking lot but no video on that one as of yet :(
    Your still the man Don!

  • Thomas says:

    “he’s out he’s out……. No he’s dead”

  • operator says:

    That guy kicked Dons ass but he doesn’t have any bragging rights if Don was drunk. Now that this is all over the internet somebody should put these two in a cage or ring and see what happens. I don’t give a fuck if Don outweighs the guy if you can beat the guy up while drunk then try when he’s sober. Having said that if Don was sober then hats off to the guy for kicking a washed up mma fighters ass. Maybe he got some notes from Tito. I didn’t think it was Leland chapman because he is probly about 170 pounds soaking wet and no way he would even step up to Don Frye cuz if he did Don probly would have just grabbed hold of him and rag dolled him until he started crying. Or Leland would have pepper sprayed him then went running home to his dad the Dog.

  • Royal B. says:

    I got a first hand accout interview Bryan Alvarez did about “The Cow Palace Terror” if you’re all interested.

  • Matto says:

    MMA DOESN’T WORK IN TEH STREETZ! ARgh the Kung fu-ers were right…

  • rpw229 says:

    FL quit being a dumbass, go re-read the article and edit, it was Sonny who knocked Frye out. Sonny is Leland’s boxing coach/Dog’s tuff guy and he wasn’t there because Leland needed a bodyguard, he’s there because he is Leland’s boxing coach

  • Nicolas says:

    You know what is funny the guy who writes the story actually knows nothing about the story! It was not Leland Chapman it was a friend Sonny and he is not a bodyguard but Lelands boxing coach. And the bottom line is if you run your mouth your going to get laid out drunk or not!

  • y’all are right, post updated!

  • joe says:

    goes to show you 95% of cage fighters are no stand up skill bums. this boxing coach who probally was a tomato can boxer destroys don frye in a street fight. where was the arm bar and the guillitine? a fight is a fight bud. UFC uses there own announcers during a fight, they are part of the production to make themselves look good. cage fighting is a fad. it will never surpass boxing. i laugh at joe rogans comments during one of liddels fight pack house sold out crowd! (hes standing behind empty seats), star studded event!(camera cuts to a picture of andre agassi and stefi graff). coture biggest ufc star gets 5 hundred ppv buys, no sorry just saying you are the future and the worlds best is WWF rick flair type of stuff. having the bank roll that bob arum and don king have is the green type of stuff that matters in the end.
    cage fighting is getting to ground oriented (jujitsu). people want to see the stand up bare knuckle type fights. like frye getting knocked out by tomatoe can. mma fad that will burnout like wwf did a few years ago. hot now then will just be a sizzle down likeboxing has been.

  • marshal says:

    flame much?

  • tony says:

    Here’s a link to a description about the fight
    – Dave Meltzer has another description of Don Frye’s apparent street fight with the bodyguard of Leland Chapman:

    The fight with Don Frye and “Sonny,” who was Leland Chapman’s bodyguard, started when promoter Chris Salsbury told Scott Steiner that MMA promoter Phil Flathres would be in charge of paying the wrestlers. The wrestlers came to Flathers for their money. Somehow the MMA people and wrestling people were played against each other and tension developed. “Sonny” started making remarks about pro wrestling, which saw an MMA fighter/pro wrestler, Frye, telling him to shut up. Frye had been drinking and was loaded. It wound up with them going outside.

    “Sonny” allegedly sucker punched Frye, bloodying him up. Frye then allegedly single legged Sonny and was punching him hard from the mount when it was pulled apart. The second confrontation in the parking lot saw Sonny knock down Frye and Sonny and Leland Chapman ran off as Scott Norton came and Frye got up. It should be noted that we’ve gotten many different versions and all are slightly different but this seems to be the best detailed version.

  • Hero says:

    JOE you are a fucking no knowledge commenter! frye wasn’t in your 95% stats where ever you get that moron! He fought in k1 and he has a great stand up skills. And anyway do you think mma guys can’t fight on the street? fuck try me buger. i will get drunk for you. I never seen any boxer survive a fight that is not pulled apart when things are just getting started.

  • Signer says:

    was wondering if anyone knows if leeland chapman is coaching fighters? and if he is does anyone know what the names are? thanks

  • I’ve emailed a few people just now to find out for you. If I get anything back i’ll stick it here.

  • glenrod says:

    joe you are a is a fad,it will never surpass boxing,can somene take floydd mayweathers dick out of joes mouth.jeez what a crunchy little faggot.