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Brandon Vera’s special vomiting / message

Brandon Vera has been a very busy boy for the past few weeks as he prepares to face Fabricio Werdum at UFC 85. His trainer Lloyd Irvin is literally kicking his ass in every possible way, and as a special bonus he’s documenting it regularly over at The latest blog includes the above video and the plea to “watch the entire video for a special message from Brandon”. Yep, there’s a message at the end, just after the 30 second clip of Brandon dry heaving over a garbage can. To paraphrase:

“I owe you all for that bullshit ass fight against Tim Sylvia”

I like the sound of that. What I don’t get is why Brandon Vera is sounding more and more like a gangbanger every time I hear him.

  • Vera lost via Big Tims effective use of vertical Lay and Pray.

  • jjdnb says:

    alot of Phillapino’s talk like that. I’m really not sure why but i guess they think they are black. Either way, Brandon is pretty cool guy and i’m a huge fan of his.

  • yoyo says:

    what is the fucking machine?

  • Jim Brown's Long Lost Son says:

    I dont know why they call it brandon vera’s training when most of the video is him resting for air

  • ttt says:

    why are they putting that mask on him? are they pumping in funny air?

  • Asbel says:

    Damn, video made me change my mind again on the Vera/Werdum match. :/

    Werdum is more proven but a Vera that just beat Werdum would make a great fight against Nog.

  • dubside says:

    At the Lloyd Irvin team JJ training back in March, in front of what seemed like every student and instructor from every school in the LI network, he made the same apology.

    Should be an interesting fight.

  • FTRO says:

    He’s only sounding more like a gangbanger to you because you are watching more videos of him. He’s always talked in that deliberately ignorant vernacular of English, commonly spoken by low class blacks and middle-class white kids with nothing better to do. Millions of black parents, rich and poor, have made a valiant effort to raise their kids to speak English properly (such as the parents of Lloyd Irvin) – it’s sickening and inexcusable when an American of any other race decides to adopt that slang as if to celebrate/announce to the world that you’re a dumbass.

    Vera is a class act despite his idiotic choice of diction (his mama didn’t raise him to talk like that), but I know I’m not alone when I say that credibility drops substantially when he or any person opens his mouth and sounds like some subhuman thug.

  • Aryan says:


  • andres says:

    You know the way we speak comes by the way we grew up if you were in my nieghborhood as a child you saw what I’ve seen and lived what I’ve lived you’d probally be acting like a fool I don’t really slang much anymore I choose not to because people preety much look down on me and stuff its kinda hard but that’s how I grew up and that’s how I’ve been

  • Excuse me, homes? What is is, bro!
    (Super Bonus Points for whoever can name the film that line is from.)

  • Shit, that should be “What it is, bro!”
    “Go fuck yo momma!”

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Is it just me or does Brandon like absolute crap in this video? Three leg kicks and the dude is gasping for air like he just ran a 5K???? I realize the video was heavily edited but please tell me where this is supposed to impress??? If I saw him going hard kicking and punching for 5 minutes, then maybe the gasping for air part would make sense. They made no effort to explain the breathing apparatus which seems gimmicky at best. Somehow I don’t think elite fighters use that crap to train. Most surround themselves with other top athletes and train like animals for weeks on end. Most alarmingly is we again saw ZERO muscle definition from Vera which is another indicator as to how hard you are training. Brandon loves to eat which is why he insists on fighting at HW when all experts agree he should be fighting at LHW. After he get his ass kicked by Werdum, maybe then he will skip the Taco Bell and do some real training. I used to like this guy but he simply does not possess the dedication to be an elite fighter. If he did, he would not be rolling out this BS video of him “training.” I am sure Fabricio is laughing his ass off right now.

  • BossTweed says:

    I’m trying to decide if the way Vera talks is worse than my sister deliberately taking the accent used in “Fargo” for about 6 months after she saw it.

  • andres says:

    So try breathing out of a tube after running etc. Trust me it fuckin sucks balls almost what wanderlei is doin except hes unhuman and shows no emotions watsoever

  • Mike_N says:

    Where’s the part where he’s supposed to be talking like a thug? Must have been in another video, I guess: I just saw a guy apologize for a shitty performance (in two languages, no less) and promise to do better next time out.

  • el feo says:

    I’m waiting for the fighter who realizes that speaking with eloquence and close to perfect diction will be quite beneficial in entertaining the patrons of his chosen profession.

  • andres says:

    If I had a bigger vocabulary id try especially to try to throw of them white people

  • kentyman says:

    Don’t worry, andres, that’s what your lack of punctuation is for. 😉

  • andres says:

    To throw them off hahahaha!

  • Mike_N says:

    Oh, and as far as Vera’s muscular definition goes, you mean defined like Big Nog, or like Fedor? You wouldn’t mistake either of those guys for a bodybuilder, but I think they’re both above-average heavyweights.

  • Zeppelin says:

    Here I thought we were at a site about MMA and fighters (who apparently build their reputations on speech presentation). My mistake, apparently this is a sociology study into acceptable methods of linguistics. Wahhh, I like my fighters to talk like Margaret Thatcher or George Plimpton!! Name one fighter that does sound well spoken and there’ll be at least ten that don’t.