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Brandon Vera wants more money too

We mentioned that Brandon Vera needs to pull out teh awesomes on Saturday if he wants to avoid ending up at the top of the list of Zuffa’s expendable expenses list. Thus far he’s coasted on the memory of a few big wins back in 2006, but since then he’s created a reaction amongst fans akin to a fireworks display canceled by rain: eager anticipation followed by massive disappointment.

But if Brandon is feeling the pressure, he’s not really showing it. In fact, he just told MMA Weekly that he’s looking forward to making a statement on Saturday not to justify his existing salary of 100k to show and 100k to win, but to GET A FUCKING RAISE.

MMA Eruption has put together a handy guide to compare Vera’s place in the UFC’s payscale:

Brandon’s got some nerve on him thinking about a raise when he’s making:
1) Ten times more than his opponent, who has wins over Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin
2) Twice as much as Machida and four times as much as Thiago Silva, both of whom are undefeated
3) 33% more than Wanderlei Silva, one of the biggest MMA stars in the world
4) Twice as much as Rich Franklin, a guy the fans actually love and a PPV headliner.

There just seems to be times when the UFC gets sucked into the hype of a fighter. The only guys Brandon Vera has beaten who are still in the UFC are Frank Mir (and do you really have to ask me what I think of that cooked goose?) and Reese Andy, who’s only still around because he hasn’t been around long enough to be fired … yet.

It’s really easy to look like a monster of a heavyweight fighter when you’re fighting sub-par opposition. Look at all the guys the UFC has brought in who are like 10-0 with all first round knockouts who then fail miserably against decent competition. I’m still unsure if Brandon Vera fits that description, but one thing is for sure: anyone who you have to question like that doesn’t deserve 100k/100k, let alone a goddamn raise.