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Brandon Vera to try and make up for the time he tried to make up for the time he tried to make up for that dissapointing fight

(pic from way way back when Brandon Vera didn’t suck)

Brandon Vera is getting back into the octagon sooner rather than later, probably in the hopes that he will be able to erase the memory of three shitty performances from people’s minds. His opponent? Keith Jardine, who’ll once again be facing off against someone who makes six figures, compared to his low five figure salary. I know Keith is one of those guys who’s happy taking stupid fights like this on account of ‘wanting to fight the best’, but you gotta wonder if he can really be happy with the UFC’s “Sink or swim, but we’re hoping you’ll sink” attitude towards booking him.

This is another big fight being added to UFC 89 in the UK. If they keep this up I’m going to have to stop mocking you English peeps for getting the shitty end of the stick when it comes to fights. Although considering how terrible Brandon Vera was this past Saturday….