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Brandon Vera really needs to kick Jardine’s ass

I think it’s pretty fair to say that Brandon Vera hasn’t been living up to his paycheck or potential since re-signing with the UFC. Two shitty losses and a shitty win = a lot of shit, especially since Brandon is being paid 100k to show and 100k to win. Unless he returns to his former asskicking ways and beats Keith Jardine in impressive fashion, he could be in trouble.

According to MMA Weekly, he’s only got one more fight on his current contract after the Jardine fight. While I think expansion to the Philippines will keep the UFC’s interest in Vera, I doubt they’ll be willing to pay him as much as he’s been getting without some sort of convincing proof that they’ll get the old Brandon Vera back.

Will the UFC try to renegotiate a contract with Vera before his last fight is fulfilled, like they did with Andrei Arlovski? And will they bench him if he doesn’t go along with a ‘salary restructure’? I dunno … as I said, Vera in the Philippines is something I’m sure Dana and Lorenzo want very much. But they’ve proven before that they’re willing to play hardball when it comes to keeping fighter pay under control. One thing is for sure, though: the best way to avoid all this nastiness is to go out and fuck up Keith Jardine, then do a little dance over his body.