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Brandon Vera, Movie Star…(kinda)

There’s only one thing to do after suffering your first loss to the bore that it Tim Sylvia: Forget training like a madman and coming back victoriously in the Octagon. Instead, take a crack at acting!

According to MMAJunkie, Vera is slated to play in a Filipino miniseries. The movie is a tale of a half human, half snake creature that must leave his birthplace (presumably, a place that has some pretty weird attitudes regarding zoophilia), and becomes a hero. Unfortunately, the busy Vera isn’t slated to play the main character. That honor goes to a famous Filipino actor (formally of “Nuts Entertainment” fame. How fucking cool is that name?).

I’d love to shit all over this movie, but considering how kick ass it sounds, and also due to the fact that it’s the most expensive movie ever made in that country (I’m sure they paid for it by selling a bunch of young boys to sexual slavery no doubt), this could be fucking awesome. Plus, Vera plays some kind of Assassin role. Knowing him, if he stays true to character, he won’t come on the scene for a while, he’ll be touted as a real threat only to be totally owned by Kamandag.