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Brandon Vera is still with the UFC

One of the leading contenders for ‘Most Overpaid Fighter’ in the 2008 Worsties is Brandon Vera, but I’m betting he isn’t about to make a repeat in 2009. Word has come that Vera is quietly re-upping his contract with the UFC a few days ago and will be facing Mike Patt, the dude Tim Boetsch trounced back in September. The good news about all this is the fight will take place in Ohio, which has an athletic commission that releases pay figures. Anyone wanna bet how much of a pay cut Vera took? If I was Dana White, I’d make HIM pay ME to fight again.

If you’re currently feeling all warm and happy with Christmas cheer, let me just remind you: Brandon Vera made 100k to show and 100k to win for each of his past 4 fights. That works out to half a million bucks, not including all the sponsorship money he made and any signing bonuses etc. Are you pissed off yet?