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Brandon Vera is Number 1!

Just when I thought Karo Parisyan was going to take the win as most pompus egomaniac, Brandon Vera has come along and stolen the title. In a recent article, MMAWeekly asks who Vera wants to fight:

“Arlovski, Nogueira, CroCop-especially Chuck [Liddell]. I still want Chuck. I want to fight him before he’s tired of fighting. I want to fight him when he’s still in his prime and he’s still hungry and he’s still hitting people hard. I don’t want to fight him after he’s over the hump,” Vera said.

At least Karo has kicked some serious ass and has a right to call out the top fighters in his division. The only decent name Vera has beaten is Frank Mir, and even I kicked Frank Mir’s ass. He was begging for change out on the corner of 9th and I leaned forward like I was gonna give him some, then popped him in the fucking nose. I’m pretty sure it was Frank Mir … or maybe it was some out of shape bum. It’s so hard to tell the difference nowadays.

P.S. : Check out the size of Brandon’s nipples in this picture. They’re fucking TINY.