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Brandon Vera is back and I don’t care

Every day that goes by, I amass more evidence that Dana White is just an average MMA fanboy. A few days ago we witnessed him geeking out over Wanderlei Silva. Today’s proof is the UFC releasing a press release to tell us they’ve resigned Brandon Vera. That’s Brandon “The Best Thing I’ve Done So Far Is Beat Frank Mir” Vera. That’s Brandon “I Was Only a Contender Because the Division Was In Shambles” Vera. That’s Brandon “The Only Thing I’ve Done in 12 Months is a Cameo in Fight Girls” Vera.

It seems like somewhere between last year and now, someone in the UFC has read one too many web forums out there making Vera seem like the best thing since sliced bread. So now all of a sudden, Brandon Vera is getting big star treatment in the form of an official press release. That’s not something that happens every day, man. For me, I couldn’t care less. The heavyweight division is doing fine without him and as you can probably tell by now, I don’t have very high expectations from ‘the Truth’.

Sure, two or three fights from now I could be eating my words. But honestly, I’d rather reserve judgment until I’ve seen Vera face some top five or even top ten talent.

  • Sam Scaff says:

    I honestly don’t understand why a true MMA fan would be so expressly negative about this Brandon Vera announcement.

    I am as knowledgeable an MMA fan as you’ll find so I’m well aware of where Brandon Vera fits in on the world Heavyweight scene, but I’m still excited about his return.

    You’re acting like just because he is not necessary top-10, or because he is overrated and relatively unproven, he is a worthless piece of scum. Well let me tell you, I like exciting fighters and exciting fights. I could care less what their ranking is or how others perceive them. If they are exciting and skilled, I like them. I dont care if I dont even know their names. Brandon Vera’s name I do know because he is skilled and exciting. So maybe he’d get destroyed by a top-5 HW, so what?? so that mean he is useless and should be shit on? To tell you the truth (no pun intended), I do think he’s the real deal and will go far in the HW division. Even if I’m wrong, I still look forward to seeing him, win lose or draw.

  • Patrick S says:

    Everyone has to start somewhere. He’s beaten everyone the UFC has put in front of him. Who would have thought Gonzaga would have done that to CroCop, a few months ago. The disparity between the top fighters and those coming up is now a lot less then it used to be. We shall see what happens, but I tend to think he will do well and you will eat your words because Vera is more well rounded than any other heavyweight in the UFC right now.

  • ajadoniz says:

    He called out Frank Mir… after he almost became a hood ornament, how is that impressive? it’s not. stop. wait until he fights someone near the top 15.

  • intenso says:

    I’m sure our humble blogger is only acting out against the slob the internets dribbles on veras knob on a regular basis.

  • MASACRE says:

    Brandon Vera is a true wrecking machine. He reminds me of George St. Pierre but in the heavy weight division. He has totally destroyed every one put in fron of him. Maybe he has not fought top 10 ranked guys but every one who fights in the UFC is good, that’s why theyr’e there… and he’s thrash every body he fights.. I think he deserves more credit and like he said.. don’t believe the hype, believe what u see.. he is totally ready to fight any body.. I will not be surprised to see him quickly manhandle every one.. I give him the benefit of the doubt.