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Brandon Vera admits he sucks (again)

Brandon Vera is the latest to joint the “I suck, but I’ve changed” club. Actually, he already joined it but he let his membership lapse after the suckage got extreme. I had begun to get worried that he had accepted his crappiness and was now just gonna milk his career for every penny. Maybe he still has, but at least he’s willing to admit how bad he’s been lately:

“Somewhere along the lines I became one of those guys I used to talk s— about,” said Vera. “I stopped training and doing the things that got me here in the first place. I don’t know when it happened or why it happened or how it happened. But it happened. ’08 definitely was not great. I’m sad to say that it went that way.”

Vera, who came up on the short end of a split decision to Keith Jardine at UFC 89 in Birmingham, England last October, admits he was going through the motions.

“I just wasn’t into it,” said Vera. “I was training and doing my thing. I would be the hardest working guy in the gym. But my mind wasn’t into it. I wasn’t excited to go back to the gym or do my second training session or my third training session. It all changed now though. I found some new coaches and I had some guys kick me in the butt.”

As with all members of the “I sucked, but I’ve changed!” club, maybe we’ll see the exciting Brandon Vera back and maybe we won’t. Maybe the old Brandon Vera never really existed and was just built off the back ego, aggression and a little good luck. Whatever the case, this weekend agaist Michael Patt is do or die for Vera … his last four fights have been mega-stinkers, and when you’re making 100k+ per fight that shit just doesn’t fly.