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Brain broken, posts delayed

I know you guys already didn’t get any lovin’ from me yesterday because I was traveling back from Ohio to Montreal but I’m gonna have to deprive you again today for at least a few hours. My plan to sleep on the redeye from Toronto to Montreal was foiled by a bunch of meatheads and I almost got kicked off the bus in Cornwall for instigating a fight with them. So I’ve gotten a grand total of 2 hours sleep since Saturday 9AM and I am a fucking MESS.

I’ve been sitting here trying to pump out posts and there’s lots of shit to make fun of … Dave Gardner’s goodbye wave, DREAM’s terrible ratings, the reffing situation, OPERATION THUNDERHORSE. But all these things will have to wait because right now I’m about as entertaining as a hobo in his underwear doing a shuffle for coins. Actually, that’s way more entertaining than I am right now. I’m just a very tired man and every sentence takes 5 minutes to fix up into a state that is actually semi-legible.

So here’s the deal: I’m going to go sleep for 3 hours, and then I’ll be back.

*Update* just to clarify, all the rukkus happened on the Greyhound bus from Toronto to Montreal, not on the CrashMMA bus from Ohio to Toronto which was awesome … beer, MMA vids, and a lot of really cool people.