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Boxing’s round of the decade

There’s a nifty ‘Explore’ feature in Google Reader that uses some sort of voodoo magic to determine the kind of web posts it’s users wanna read about. It does a pretty good job of feeding me a large amount of surprisingly relevant info, although there are two problems with it: number 1, it thinks I’m a right wing nutjob when in fact I’m a fag loving baby killer. And number 2, it took a look at the 100+ MMA sites I subscribe to and decided that it should feed me a never ending supply of boxing information.

But that’s all right by me because it means I caught Bad Left Hook’s Round of the Decade nominees post. Above is my favorite: Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti going back and forth. And over at BLH, another 6 videos that might be enough to trick you for a day or two into thinking boxing isn’t terrible.