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Boxing wins the hype battle but MMA delivers

I gotta say that while HBO beat the shit out of the UFC (both for the TUF finale and UFC79) for hype and marketing on Hatton/Mayweather, it’s been the UFC which actually delivered the goods. The Hatton/Mayweather bout was a messy affair dominated more by the referee than the fighters themselves. Hatton looked like the sloppy brawler his critics labeled him and Mayweather kept his game tight and unexciting like he’s known to do. While it was saved from a decision in the 10th round, I give Hatton/Mayweather as a fight a big “Meh”.

The TUF6 finale had some issues early on because of the participant’s lack of experience … watching Ben Saunders and Dan Barrera roll around for 15 minutes left a bad taste in my mouth and three of the other TUF bouts were one sided affairs that didn’t do too much for me. Fortunately the Jon Koppenhaver vs Jared Rollins fight turned into an absolute war, Richie Hightower surprised everyone by trying to slug it out with Troy Mandoloniz, and of course Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta was a total barnburner.

In the end, I just wish that the UFC did a better job of advertising themselves lately. The 24/7 shows have exposed the UFC’s Countdown shows as woefully underwhelming, never mind formulaic and by the numbers at this point. If people are complaining that the TUF series is stale, the Countdown show is growing mold. But still, if I had a choice between better hype for worse shows and no hype for better shows, I’d still pick the latter. Going head to head with boxing, the UFC’s product won hands down … and don’t think people will forget that the next time a boxing ‘superfight’ happens.

  • Exactly how I felt.

    The hype that the 24/7 show produced was big, but I wasn’t impressed by the fight. HBO commentating was saying it was a “dramatic and moving” performance. Guida vs. Huerta was more dramatic.

  • The fight was so-so. The 24/7 concept is definitely something the UFC could learn from in terms of hyping up fights. Airing your only preview show for an event for the first time just 3-days before an event is not going to increase the buy rate dramatically but hype a fight over a month or two and build a storyline and I think the buys could go up considerably if done right.

  • The UFC just doesn’t get it that in order for a fight to get hyped up they need to start really early and get people talking. A few days before is definately no good. They needed to spend like 15 minutes during the TUF finale to really SELL UFC79

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    wow, boxing puts out another boring, all hype fight. surprise surprise.

    id rather watch Rocky 10

  • Zheroen says:

    Yeah, all of those moronic plugs for the freaking Spike Video Game Awards probably could have gone towards a promo hyping UFC 79. I mean seriously, interviewing Dave Grohl so he can talk about Halo? WTF?

  • Xavier says:

    “Hatton looked like the sloppy brawler his critics labeled him”

    Where’s the assholes attacking me for saying Hatton was a overhyped white boy can fed to the masses in order to pop a huge buyrate? You idiots don’t know how race in boxing works and that fight proved it. Hatton is a bum and he didn’t belong in the ring with Mayweather at all. You suckers believing in Hatton aren’t any more bright than those that believed in Cooney or those who believed in McNeely. And sadly, you’re no different than the bums that cheered white boys against Jack Johnson.

  • Accomando says:

    “…You idiots don’t know how race in boxing works and that fight proved it. Hatton is a bum and he didn’t belong in the ring with Mayweather at all…”

    Xavier, you are an idiot. Bet you said the same shit about Pavlik right before he KO’ed Taylor.

    Hatton actually had legitimate titles, Cooney had none, and again, these are not the heavyweights! Its not like black guys dominate every division of boxing, every “race” does well in the lighter weights, and anyway, name me one current black heavywieght champ.

    Once again, Ricky Hatton is British, not “white” as you continue on with. The people in the crowd were British not “white” Americans you f’ing retard. You don’t know shit, this wasn’t about race you dumb fuck, it was 2 champions, BOTH undefeated AND Champions from different continents. BOTH top 10 P4P boxers in the world, An American vs. a Brit, they knew with the exchange rate, the Brits would come here in droves. Sorry you can’t see past the color of anyones skin.

    After Mayweather came into the fight with “Born in the USA” playing, I don’t think any American was pulling for hatton, expecially having to endure that ridiculous song the entire fight..”..There’s only 1 ricky hatton…” I was glad to see Mayweather KO his 140 lb ass. Sorry, Ricky needs to stay at the lower weightclass, that was his problem.

    Anyway, get over yourself, you are still wrong about this race-based bullshit. Americans don’t care about Europeans, so this ‘White vs. black’ argument in regards to Hatton/Mayweather doesn’t hold up, at all.

  • Xavier says:

    Oh, okay, British people aren’t white.

    Thanks for the education!

  • Accomando says:

    A simplistic response from a simple mind, I am not surprised.

    By the way, you didn’t refute a single thing I posted, save the superficial “skin color” argument you use OVER and OVER again. Not all British people are white either, dude, you suck.

    White Americans DO NOT IDENTIFY with Europeans! Your argument is null and void.

  • Vee says:

    Hey I thought the fight was great! Another great dominating performance for Mayweather, it kind of makes you forget the Mayweather-De La Hoya fight. Hatton was not and is not a bum! Unfortunately race and boxing has a serious history like no other sport, but I would suggest you ignore the rants of mis-informed people.

    TUF’s J-Roc vs War Machine had to be the fight (WAR) of the night. I thought J-Roc’s elbows were illegal but I’m not a ref.

    Boxing undercards suck dramatically!

    The thing with 24/7 versus UFC paltry marketing and promotions is the numbers. These mega fights are promoted 6-12 months out. There are millions of dollars invested. You know the arguments, boxing HBO has serious financial leverage and a history promoting these fights. The UFC is putting on some kind of event on a month to month basis. The UFC probably can not ride on Wanderlei and Chuck when they have so many other fighters out there. Example, check out Randy Couture. He lost two fights, beats a crippled Sylvia and dominates Gonzaga. And now he’s this great super-heavyweight. He decides to vacate a title again due to money and ‘disrespect,’ the organization will not die because they have Rich Franklin, Anderson Silva, Roger Huerta, Clay Guida, Chuck Lidell, Forrest Griffin and so on. That’s a lot of fighter to market and promote. The UFC serves and acts as the promoter, marketer, and public relations for their MMA brand. They are still dealing with getting sanctioned in places like NY and legalized in some states, while boxing enjoys its current status of a wholesome sport.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I didn’t watch the Mayweather-Hatton bout as I was tuned to the TUF Finale and have better things to do with $50 this time of year. can’t say I was surprised by the result. Hatton is a legit Junior Welterweight (140 lbs) but he had no business fighting at 147 lbs. (welterweight). The only other time he fought at WW, he more than had his hands full with Luis Collazo and was awarded a gift decision. His power simply does not extend into the welterweight division in the same way that Mayweather’s does not extend into the super Welterweight division. The fact that Mayweather said Ricky was his toughest fight yet shows what kind of a fighter he is, even though the Brit came out on the losing end. In my opinion, Mayweather needs to fight Cotto (a true welterweight with power) to cement his legacy but I suspect Floyd will do all he can to avoid Miguel. Cotto would walk him down the entire fight just like Hatton — only he has the power to get the job done.

    If you made the decision to watch the UFC event, you made the right choice. Overall, I enjoyed the card very much. Huerta-Guida is a fight-of-the-year candidate, right up there with Diaz-Gomi.