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Boxing presents Rodney King vs former cop

From the department of WTF, Rodney King will be taking on a former police officer in his Celebrity Boxing debut:

Last seen on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” and “Sober Living”, Rodney has been busy dedicating his life to sobriety and becoming a better father to his kids. Since signing up with the Celebrity Boxing Federation last month, King has been eager to step into the ring to face a determined opponent.

King will fight former Pennsylvania police officer, Simon Aouad to headline Celebrity Boxing 11 on Sept. 12 in Boothwyn, Pa., just north of Claymont.

“I know some people will see the irony here,” said Rodney King about boxing a police officer. “But I would have fought anyone who was worthy.”

On one hand, this is some pretty messed up shit right here. On the other hand, I’m hoping Rodney takes this guy out just for karma’s sake. The last time he was in a sporting situation with the cops, they were playing baseball with his head.

I’m just glad this is going on in boxing and not mixed martial arts. It does make me worry how long it will take before some scumbag realizes Celebrity MMA is the way to make the big bucks. It’s gonna happen sooner or later. So while we laugh at boxing for once again failing at legitimacy, I’d just like to say there’s nothing stopping this kinda shit from suddenly happening in our sport all the time. Hey, Tonya Harding has already given MMA a shot. So we’re already halfway there.