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Boxing coaches are the new rage

Invariably, when you talk about fighting these days, you get the usual arguments of whether or not Mixed Martial Arts represents the evolution of combat sports. And with that controversial “evolution” in the picture, you get a lot of really old guys that hate these cocky young pricks who claimed to have left those lower forms behind.

I’m going to put my science hat on and simply explain to you, and hopefully anyone else that likes to throw around that word, that evolution doesn’t mean better. I know, you watched X-Men and thought that natural selection would allow you to fly, or shoot thunderbolts out of your vagina (yep, evolved men get one too! Who’s obsolete now, bitches?). But the truth is that all evolution does is make a species better adapted to it’s environment.

What does that mean in the world of combat sports? Well, it’s dirt simple: although the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is constantly refining itself, it is still isolated inside it’s own environment. It works withing the “laws of nature” that govern it. It’s the same for boxing. Once the “laws” are in play, the sport is free to grow and adapt, and all of this happens within the confines of that environment.

Ok, time to take the science hat off because I can sense your eyes getting a bit glassy. Now that we understand that this term evolution doesn’t fucking mean better, I want to address every moron that thinks they can leap from one discipline to the other without so much of a sweat. Because each sport develops and grows under it’s own rules, the ones who participate get acclimatized to it, and learns to (hopefully) thrive in it.

A boxer transitioning into MMA or vice versa throws into question every specialization that person had previously achieved. It’s not that you lose your skill, your power, or your speed. It’s that they won’t convert properly when you move into your new environment.

In other words, if you are the most talented boxer in the world, no one will deny you are in shape, and can hurt a mother fucker if you want to. But to have become the “champ”, you needed to refine these skill to the point that all other competitors who used the same techniques would be bested. Those techniques, however, will often translate very poorly when dealing with an entirely different discipline.

This is why it can be a giant mistake to bring in boxing coaches into your camp to focus on teaching you BOXING. If you want to improve your striking, your accuracy, and your footwork, boxing is a great discipline to learn. But if these techniques aren’t adapted to fit into the environment of MMA, with it’s very different laws, you are potentially running full speed into a giant brick wall.

Boxing coaches that have failed to appreciate the vast difference in the sport will make the mistake of making boxers fight in the ring, not mixed martial artists. It’s why we don’t see the reverse happening at all. Boxers are not seeking the aid of MMA trainers, because they know that the specific techniques they need to improve on would not be on the teaching schedule.

Finally, I have to question the mental skills of a guy like Arlovski, who is potentially planning on making the jump from MMA to boxing. He’s probably thinking to himself that as a fighter, the nature of the combat may change, but his skills should equally translate into any related discipline. There is no reason to believe that crock of shit is true. If it was, you would see way more athletes jumping from one sport to another. Micheal Jordan tried that shit. It was embarrassing for everyone.

He might do well. His skills and talents might allow him to carve a decent win record, and he will probably win a few fights. But who the fuck wants to be in the top 100 in one sport when you can be top 10 in another? Are the chicks hotter in the boxing world Andrei? Did your brain crack when your girlfriend allowed Tim Sylvia’s limp dick inside of her? Snap out of it!