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Boxers are willing to fight Diaz … for ‘the right price’

It’s strange, the more I hear about the Nick Diaz going to boxing story, the less likely I think it is that he’s actually gonna go. That’s despite the fact that he’s now got some boxers sniffing around the fight. Nick’s original choice Fernando Vargas is out of the running due to some unspecified medical issue. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if it turned out his brain was scrambled, which tells you what level of opponent Diaz and his management are aiming for. And on that note, Jeff Lacy is down:

“Honestly, I was a little stunned. Nick has accomplished a great deal in mixed martial arts and is certainly one of the best in the sport. But getting in the ring with me for a boxing match is a path he needs to be very wary of taking. I’m willing to put it all on the line anytime, anywhere!” said the St. Petersburg resident.

“For the right price, I’m more than interested in heading to his turf and put my fist in his mouth and silencing him.”

On the plus side, Lacy is only ‘washed up’ as opposed to ‘medically unfit’ like Vargas. But hey, why call out these old news has beens when you can take on one of the best?

Lou DiBella told Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole that response from MMA fans via email and Twitter about the possibility of a Sergio Martinez-Diaz fight has been overwhelming. DiBella has embarked on a fact-finding mission to see if he can really match his star middleweight champ against Diaz.

Why would a top three pound-for-pound boxer waste his time fighting someone like Diaz, with little professional boxing experience? Sadly, DiBella can’t find Martinez (47-2, 26 KOs) a top-notch opponent or a network to take the fight.

Yep, you read correctly: Martinez shuffles between 2nd and 3rd place on many boxing pound for pound lists alongside Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Too bad the dude can’t get a fight on television. Haha, boxing sucks so hard. And that’s why I don’t think this whole Nick Diaz boxing thing is going to pan out. The hard suck of boxing is so established it’s almost an elemental law like gravity. Nick boxing would be kinda cool, and therefore it simply cannot happen.

If it ain’t the fighters being greedy or the networks being stuffy, it’ll be Zuffa saying no. Yeah, I know Nick’s apparently got some sort of special permission written into his contract with Strikeforce, but I’d be amazed if there weren’t at least a few conditions in there that protect the promotion from Diaz being Diaz and running off with no strings attached.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Diaz is a MMA star, but an unknown fighter among the mainstream media and certainly by most boxing fans. Any pay day he gets in boxing would be dwarfed by his current MMA pay scale and I can’t see him taking a pay cut to box on a smaller stage.

    Plus he has paper skin – I can’t see that working out well for him in a boxing match. 

  • subo says:

    Any commission that sanctions Diaz/Martinez is fucking insane.

  • kwagnuth says:

    If Diaz fought this guy not only would he get a boxing lesson but a showboating lesson as well.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

  • frickshun says:

    Do you dumbasses realize that this is as likely as Pacquiao taking on Eddie Alvarez for his next opponent. No no……lets talk about matching Andy Silva against B-Hop!! That sounds like box office gold.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Klitschko, either one, vs Lesnar…. that would make bank

  • subo says:

    I love me some B-Hop.

  • frickshun says:

    Clint–>sad thing is…..Lesnar is as viable as any other potential opponent for the Klitchkos.

  • kvelertak says:

    Boxers fight a shit ton of cans.

    Keep that in mind.

  • frickshun says:

    ^^True. But the “cans” don’t get the big money. If Diaz is expecting a headline payday to fight a name boxer, it won’t happen. So not only will he get MAYBE 1/2 what he gets from StrikeOuts, he’ll get fucking pummeled & embarassed.

  • kvelertak says:

    I’m just saying, when these boxers are showing off how good they are keep in mind they’ve only fought 3 or 4 real guys and 40 cans.

    How good are they really ave the degeneration of boxing?

  • frickshun says:

    Not sure what your last thought is??

    As far as fighting cans, bear in mind they have 100+ amateur fights before they even turn pro. They know exactly where they stand skillwise & how far they can probably go in the sport. There are very few surprise fighters. Sergio Martinez is a rare exception where he has not been fighting as long as most other top fighters. Plus, he’s damn handsome.

    It’s not about them showing off against cans. It’s about how they perform when they finally do get the megafights. But yes, the only boxers currently fighting tough fights back to back & taking risk are the guys in the Super Six Tourney. Too bad I am too cheap to pay for Showtime so I miss all the fights.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Frick you do realize to most mma fans a “can” in boxing = any boxer not named Pacquiao, Maywheather, De La Hoya, Hopkins, Martinez or Lopez. 


    Just because a guy isn’t a superstar doesn’t make him a can. Hell most people would look at Coutures record and declare mma a sport for bums if some guy in his late 40’s with double digit losses is considered a hall of famer and legend. Most high level mid teir boxers still have under 10 loses ffs. MMA fans talking shit about boxing is as frustrating as…..boxing fans talking shit about mma lol

  • mamoru says:

    As a bit of a Diaz hater, I’d love to see him get the Martinez fight.
    Shit would be absolutely hilarious.

    Considering how he did against not quite awesome boxer (boxing equivalent of being .500 in mma fighting in midwest bars, only worse) KJ Noons the only reason I can imagine him even saying Martinez’ name is that he’s suicidal.