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Boxer James Toney really wants to fight in the UFC

When Dana White says he’s decided to sit down and have talks with 41 year old James Toney before Toney decides to show up at his house, he’s being funny. But he’s also being kinda serious. James Toney has literally spent the past month harassing Dana White: talking shit, showing up at UFC 107, showing up at UFC 108, and then crashing the 108 post event press conference.

It sounds like White is starting to seriously consider granting the guy his wish and if Toney is willing to take a paycheck that’ll probably be somewhere in the 6 digits rather than 7, he might show up down the line at a UFC event. MMA Junkie points out the obvious hypocrisy in the situation:

But after publicly blasting rival promotion Strikeforce for signing 47-year-old former NFL great Herschel Walker for his professional MMA debut later this month, could White really justify the signing of Toney?

“Listen, let me tell you what: I got blasted this week? Let me make this fight (with Toney),” White said. “That will get me [expletive] blasted. I’m the first guy out there going, ‘This is a [expletive] freak show. Who would put on a fight like this?’ I’m the first guy that would say that. I’m always saying it when freak shows happen.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

To be fair, there’s a small but relevant difference between Strikeforce setting Herschel Walker up with a training camp and treating him like a prospect versus Dana giving Toney a fight because Toney is following him around talking shit non-stop. If some loud mouth former boxing champion is demanding a shot in the octagon to defend the good name of his sport, who is Dana to deny him?