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Boring Site Update!!!

If any of you are wondering what I’ve been spending my time doing, this boring post is meant to address this question. Rather than work on the comic (which I know disappoints many of you) we’re in the process of working on the latest version of Fightlinker. Unlike other MMA sites that seem content to only mildly mix it up once in a while, we’re pretty much completely obsessed in bringing you an increasingly refined product. This time around, Fightlinker is getting a massive makeover; we’re eliminating the frames, and introducing a more managed way of tracking forums, FLIM’s, and any other cool additions we feel like developing in the future.

With that said, although the initial design is complete, we’ve had an impossible time finding any qualified PHP personnel to work on the project. Truth be told, the actual amount of PHP needed is limited, so it isn’t exactly a full time job. It’s a 1-2 week project at the most (aka 1-2 weeks of procrastination and 7-8 hours of last second coding), so we’re officially in the market for someone looking to make money while helping make Fightlinker 5.0 possible.

As for further plans with the site, the comic is on hold for the next few months. At the end of the summer, I’m becoming full time on the site alongside Ryan, and my #1 focus is on making Fightlinker float above the Red. That means placing a heavy focus on the business end of the site. Until we can be comfortable enough not to eat Ramen noodles on a daily basis, there are no plans to work on the comic. That’s not to say it’s dead however. We love doing it, and we’re positive that once the site gets financially stable that it will be an important part of our continued growth.

So that’s the general news bitches. If you have comments of feedback about the new look of the site, feel free to email me at [email protected]. We are always looking for great feedback and ideas to keep improving the site.

  • kentyman says:

    Very nice. Looking forward to it.

  • dubside says:

    I’m all for the elimination of frames and the addition of a few usability improvements… but the changes in visual design are edging awfully close to the look of an Affliction t-shirt.

  • dulljake says:

    there will not be any skulls or tophats!

  • Gong says:

    Shhh, there’s no skulls yet. Or racially offensive logos.

  • Beau says:

    When can we expect the video of cage potato barfing from ipecac? I asked in the forum but got no responses.

  • @ Beau:
    I ordered some ipecac online on Saturday…if it doesn’t show up by this weekend, I’ll go around and see if any local pharmacies still carry the nasty shit. Fear not, I’m not avoiding my punishment…

  • godzillad says:

    Those god awful frames are the reason I only have the Blog RSS fed instead of the homepage. What the hell were you guys thinking?

  • Suparaf says:

    I bet when affliction moves on to something new fightlinker will get a makeover with tons of skulls and tophats and monocles and what not

  • Suparaf says:

    I gotta get to know the guys from cagepotato a bit before the ipecac. Watching a complete stranger barf can’t be as enjoyable as watching a familiar face puke his heart out.

  • Burtonchik says:

    is this using the same update code as xvi? or is this completely separate/different?

    I’m intruigued, also it’s a race, but I think fightlinker will win the upgrade challenge by a long shot

  • Completely separate. Otherwise we wouldn’t need our own PHP guru!

  • Higgz says:

    Too bad all of us Jackals aren’t as good at php as we are making fun of people!

  • Marley Marl says:

    Like i said, all you guys need is VBulletin and a couple of mods + membership system bind it all togeather and it will do everything you need lol. But what ever, aslong as you newbs get rid of these damn frames!

  • P W says:

    dubside: Affliction! That’s exactly what I thought too!

    The stars made me think of a Three Stars matchsticks box (

    The tribal look and the banner underneath doesn’t feel all that hot 2008. So what to do instead? Well, ehhh, let me get back on that!

  • zex says:

    oh man thank you finally, these frames make me want to look at sherdog haha

  • Dangerfield says:

    Im cool as long as i dont have to login everytime i come to the site to get to the forum.

  • smoogleton says:

    Sweet, the old fightlinker logo pasted on top of the new Strikeforce logo. Very creative

  • Roone says:

    It’s great that you are working on a new design, i’ve been reading your stuff for a long time but since you changed to the current design i havent visited more than a few times. Dont get me wrong though, i have you on RSS cause i couldt live without your daily ramblings but the site as is just gotta go!

    Just go back to a simpler design and focus on the content!

    PS. Dont put the blog in a restricted part of the window (like in the picture), cause that, well, just sucks…

  • Dum-Dum says:

    Why does the “Comic” section get highlighted when you look at a Blog entry? Maybe you need QA people along with the developers…

    The way the content sits in that square makes me think you’re still going to need frames to scroll down for more content… Anyway, look forward to the new site.

    p.s. Damn that Hong Man Choi is uggs.

  • dulljake says:

    There will be no scrolling. it’s just a way to see the top and bottom, so don’t worry folks!

    As for what parts are highlighted, remember this is just a test folks. No bugs have been worked out. that’s why they call it a preview

  • el feo XIII says:

    You should go for an Affliction sponsorship. Do it all up dungeons and dragons style. And no more frames.

    “I bet when affliction moves on to something new fightlinker will get a makeover with tons of skulls and tophats and monocles and what not”

    Then it would look like Buzz Killington.

  • Popetastic says:

    Praise Jebus for no frames. This looks like shit on my 15″ macbook screen.

  • Joon4s says:

    It looks great, except that beehive/hexagon backround. I’m no expert but do the same with a little darker color and/or gradient, see how it works out.

    Don’t know how the new version turns out, but on a 16:10 widescreen monitor the current one looks like shit, it hardly fills 1/3 of the screen.

  • Stellar53 says:

    Since both of you are going to be working on the website full time without other jobs, do you have an address where we can ship you canned goods, stale beer, stale bread or the occasional hooker so you guys can get by,

  • caca661 says:

    how the fuck do I change the skins on this site to look like that?

    …..telll me or you shall be rrd

  • caca661 says:

    Y oh wait I barely read the message…..zomggg

  • Rob Enderle says:

    Love the new look.
    Much needed improvement on the POS you have before.

    Good work.