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David Glisan from Sports Untapped was unimpressed with the Sacremento crowd at last night’s WEC event:

Before we get started, we need to make a distinction here.  There are essentially two types of MMA fans.  The serious fans of MMA are as intelligent, knowledgable and passionate as those of any professional sport.  They know the fighters, the techniques, and appreciate the multitude of skills on display in mixed martial arts.  The other type of MMA fans are little more than blood thirsty meth addicts who go to live events to get liquored up, wear their Tapout gear they bought at Wal Mart and hope that somebody gets seriously injured.  They also boo everything and everybody  not involved in a toe to toe, blood drenched slugfest.

Last night’s crowd at the Arco Arena booed just about everything on the card.  That was somewhat surprising as the WEC has promoted a number of events in Sacramento, and the area has a very lively MMA ’scene’.  WEC posterboy Urijah Faber is from Sacramento.  Pretty much the only thing that the Sacto crowd *didn’t* boo was Faber and the opening bout where Will Campuzano beat Coty “Ox” Wheeler in a bloodbath.

Everything else got a rousing chorus of boos from the crowd.  All of the preliminary fights after the Campuzano win were booed.  Former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown was booed for no apparent reason.  Dave Jansen vs. Kamal Shalorus was an excellent matchup between two solid wrestlers, but the crowd booed anyway.  They really let Shalorus have it after the fight, apparently because he was born in Iran.

I wouldn’t say Brown was booed for ‘no reason’, he’s the guy who beat Sac’s boy Faber so it’s somewhat understandable if not the most classy thing in the world. We probably need to accept that a lot of people WANT to boo the guys they don’t like or the guys who beat their guys and yeah they’re going to chant USA every time it’s America versus da world. They do it with Brazilians and Canadians too, not because they particularly hate those countries (okay, a lot of them probably hate Iran) but because cheering for your home country is fun in an imperialistic fuck the rest of y’all kind of way.

There’s always to assumption that the people doing the jeering are ignorant clueless morons but in truth the majority are probably enthusiastic classless morons. It’s a small but important distinction, and while it might not alleviate the shame a lot of us feel whenever we hear some boos, I thought I’d point it out.