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Bookings bookings bookings bookings

There’s been a whackload of bookings coming together that I haven’t really bothered to address. I know … who wants to talk about actual FIGHTS???? But it is a slow news day so I figure why not take everything that’s gone on and stick em in one easy to read post. And then we can get back to talking about people who piss or crap themselves.

Jake Shields vs Nick Thompson @ EliteXC July 26th (for WW belt)
Nick Thompson is gonna have to wait a while before getting to beat up that kung fu dude. He’s been tapped to face Jake Shields. Originally that was Drew Fickett’s fight but he was pulled from the bout due to stupidity. Nick is on a 12 win streak which includes names like Chris Wilson, Mark Weir, and Eddie Alvarez. Personally, I’m more excited to see Jake vs Nick than I was for Jake vs Drew, so this is all right by me. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much a perfect example of a fight that only the hardcore fans give a shit about.

Antonio Silva vs Sergei Kharitonov @ EliteXC July 26th (for HW belt)
Now here’s a great matchup that does what a lot of other EliteXC matchups don’t: challenge the guy Gary Shaw wants to win. Shaw has been flapping his gums for a while over Antonio Silva being the best heavyweight around. This just made him sound dumb when Silva was facing guys like Jonathan “Fat Ass” Wiezorek, and worse when Silva barely won a split decision over Ricco Rodriguez.

Now we’re finally going to get to see if Antonio Silva deserves to be up there in anyone’s top ten list. Actually, you’ll only get to see it if you’ve got Showtime … this fight is apparently ending up on the pre-show and not on CBS (for some insane reason).

Joe Lauzon vs Kyle Bradey @ UFC Fight Night 15th September 17th
I have no idea how the fuck guys like Kyle Bradley get into the UFC. His record is littered with sub-par nobodies and his last fight before landing a UFC contract was against a guy with a 1-8-0 record. Ah well, I suppose guys like this are useful for letting the UFC’s personal favorites rebound … first Chris Lytle, and now Joe Lauzon.

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares @ UFC 88 September 6th
Even when Dan Henderson gets a break, he doesn’t really get a break. I think everyone knows that the plan is to have Hendo and Rich Franklin meet sooner rather than later, but Dan will have to get past Rousimar Palhares, who looked pretty sweet subbing out Ivan Salaverry. The scary thing about Palhares is we don’t know if that was because he’s got mad skillz or because Salaverry didn’t give a shit and has finally retired. Now Dan Henderson gets to find out for us.

Tamden McCrory vs Luke Cummo @ UFC 87 August 7th
Fresh off his coffee enema suspension, creepy Luke Cummo returns to the Octagon to face off with Tamden McCrory in what many people are dubbing “The battle of the geeks”. Here’s hoping Luke doesn’t come out flat like he did against Luigi Fioravanti or that could be the end for our favorite weirdo.

Little Nog vs Edwin Dewees @ Affliction July 19th
Vernon White is out with an injury, so now Affliction is talking about getting Edwin Dewees to replace him. The big question everyone is asking: “Uuuuuuh … why?”

Andre Gusmao vs Tomasz Drwal @ UFC 87 August 9th
Yeah, they’re both interesting prospects, but at the moment I say who cares. I sure will look stupid when they pull off fight of the night, huh?

  • I signed up for Fightliner! says:

    Ryan, like I said before your sleeping on Rousimar he is a bjj stud watch some of his fights he slaps on subs insanely fast and from weird angles. Now saying that I don’t know if I would pick him against Hendo. Hendo has a lot better stand up and wrestling but Rousimar is no slouch. Just watch some of his fights and you see exactly what I am saying I posted some of the videos in the UFC 8x fight picking thread when I told you to take him against Ivan. If you want some more of his vids let me know I have them saved.

  • godzillad says:

    “The big question everyone is asking: ‘Uuuuuuh … why?'”

    That’s what I say about all of Affliction’s fights save two. Seriously, people saying this is the greatest card ever are fucking stupid. Apparently it’s possible to hate the UFC so much that a night full of squash matches makes you cream your pants.

  • garth says:

    i think silva-kharitonov could be a great battle. as long as they both try to finish of course. silva was cautious against ricco and i really believe he coulda finished it. that said, scoreboard says he didn’t, so tough shit for him. if he comes out with the aggression and speed he showed against wiezorek (who’s actually james thompson’s ear, interesting piece of trivia there) he should plow through a lot of fighters. sergei’s a big challenge, that’s for sure.

  • Yeah, you can tell by the odds on all the sportsbook sites:

    from BetUS:
    Fabio Negao +325
    Matt Lindland -450

    Mike Whitehead +200
    Renato Sobral -260

    Fedor Emelianenko -400
    Tim Sylvia +300

    Josh Barnett -400
    Pedro Rizzo +300

    Aleksander Emelianenko -350
    Paul Buentello +250

    Yeeeeeeaaah. Reeeaally competitive 😉

  • Swedish guy says:


    And to me it seems stupid that they’d do a title fight on the undercard. WTF?!

  • godzillad says:

    “to me it seems stupid that they’d do a title fight on the undercard”

    That WOULD seem stupid if…you know…their titles actually meant anything.

  • jakey says:

    leben v bisping is headlining UFC 89 Oct 18

  • RT says:

    MMAJunkie is reporting that White will not be licensed to fight because he tested positive for a banned diuretic after a May 31 Xtreme Fighting Association event in Las Vegas not because he was injured.

  • garth says:

    jakey: chris leben and michael bisping? headlining? good fuckin’ grief. are they going to fight for the UK Belt, like the old WWF “continental championship” or whatever the fuck that was?
    another card with a three-round main event.

  • Frankenstein says:

    Ryan any word on why Sergei no fight Crocop ?why for that fight never happening?

  • jakey says:

    yeah main event – that was the big news on setanta today…. couldn’t happen before they said because Leben was “injured”.

  • Winner of Tim Sylvia-Fedor should face the Demolition Man or Cro Cop next.

  • Hammer says:

    anata kichigai des….