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Bones camp denies spying, UFC production crew fingered

A few days ago Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson levied an explosive charge against Jon Jones’ camp: that he had caught them spying on his camp red handed. Now we have the expected denials, first from Jon Jones on twitter:

@Rampage4real Just so you know, I’m not a person who looks for shortcuts in life. Unlike you, MMA is not something I do because of money. It’s a way of life for me and I would never disrespect the integrity of that. I have way more faith in myself, as well as, respect for the art of fighting to ever stoop that low, that’s just bad karma. Believe me or not, I’ve said my part.. hoping you have a safe and healthy finish to your camp.. #Respect

Most of the suspicion about this was pointed at Jon’s oddly named manager Malki Kawa anyways. Rampage had heard stuff about Kawa claiming he had insider info, and the call regarding the fake injured hand test came from Kawa as well. Here’s what Malki had to say:

As an agent and manager, I often receive phone calls and e-mails with tips from reporters, fans, friends and even business colleagues throughout the MMA world. I have never placed a spy in any camp or hired someone to spy on a camp, nor have I ever proactively inquired about information from any camp. As is the case with any agent or manager, I do receive information on a regular basis that is the result of a tight-knit MMA community where everybody knows everybody.

Early last week, I received a phone call from one of my employees who informed me that he had seen a tweet stating that he had heard of the possibility of Mr. Jackson suffering a hand injury and it may be serious. While Mr. Jackson finds it inconsequential that information of this variety may be on the internet, it is still my job as a manager to follow up on this information with the UFC. Any such injury would directly effect my client and his training in preparation for a fight on Sept. 24, a date that is approaching fast, especially if the possibility of a new opponent existed.

Thus far, that smoking tweet has not been found, and many are questioning it’s existence. And I dunno … if Rampage says something and four hours later you’ve had it relayed to you, that tells me you have closer tabs on your opponent’s camp than is probably proper. Again, not like this kinda gossip isn’t par for the course in MMA. Dana said the scene is ‘worse than a sewing circle’ and he wasn’t wrong. A funny thing to add though, is that it may have been one of Dana’s employees that was flapping their gums:

Jackson said he was reasonably sure who was responsible for the leak but did not go into detail. However, as Fighters Only reported yesterday, suspicion has fallen on members of a camera crew that was following Jackson around for a Countdown show to promote the fight with Jones.

The plot thickens. The last thing the UFC needs is fighters thinking there are moles in their production crew. Following Nick Diaz around for the GSP / Primetime series was going to be dangerous enough for the staff without him thinking they’re a bunch of finks.