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Bodog’s going down the toilet, part 2

What a shitty time for Bodog. First they basically get told to fuck themselves by their Russian partners, and now their shitty TV deal is about to go bye-bye as well. Combine this with all the other bad news swirling around the promotion and you have to wonder how long Bodog is going to be sticking around at it’s current level.

BodogFight has always been something of a very expensive marketing ploy to expose people to Bodog’s main product. Think of Bodog as an octopus, where it’s got many arms (MMA, music, tv) but one body: gambling. Actually, an octopus may be too similar to an octagon, so perhaps we shouldn’t make the comparison or Dana White will sue.

With the explosion of MMA in the United States, it made perfect sense for Bodog to jump on board and use our scene as a vehicle to make their brand known. And it’s worked pretty damned well … half the MMA sites have deals to sign up users to bet on fights, and there’s barely a day that goes by without one article or another regarding Bodogfight. And trust me … those articles are just like free ads to a company like Bodog.

Anyways, everything started coming apart around 9 months ago with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, designed specifically to sink foreign organizations like Bodog. While online gambling has always been illegal, this act finally gave authorities the ability to kill a huge chunk of the action by revoking Bodog’s credit card processing. This hasn’t stopped the company dead, Forbes has estimated Bodog’s net worth has been cut almost in half since the act came into power.

So how does that affect you and me? As mentioned before, Bodog products aren’t just Calvin Ayre’s vanity projects. They are all designed to draw people like you and me into ‘the Bodog lifestyle’. Now that people in the US are no longer allowed to do the gambling portion of that lifestyle, there’s no longer much reason for Bodog to continue spending as much money and effort on marketing to us.