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BodogFight is BodogToast

I remember when Bodog first announced it’s foray into MMA, I was pretty excited. Rich criminal mastermind invites fighters to a tropical island to fight? That’s like Bloodsport + Kickboxer + The Condemned times 1000. Unfortunately, the show sucked epic balls and was basically one gigantic infomercial for the “Bodog Lifestyle” wrapped in MMA fighting. It was the most blatant instance of a company getting into MMA to try and make some coin off the backs of fans I’ve ever seen. And now they’re shutting down their MMA division:

After losing a reputed $38 million last year, Bodog appears to be on its last legs according to a report in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Most of the company’s employees have been let go, there are no events planned (although they are sponsoring some smaller events), there is no new TV deal, and a recently proposed small budget (with the idea of slowly rebuilding) by Jeff Osborne was turned down.

I gotta say I’m pretty impressed that they were able to lose so much in a single year. Although you should also consider that the MMA events themselves were never really about ‘making money’ … a lot of the deals in the latter half of 2007 were just prime sponsorship deals where they’d give promotions an assload of cash to brand the event as Bodog and feature Bodog on the ring. That in turn was supposed to drive people to Bodog’s websites for gambling and betting on MMA.

I’m guessing the goal was to make up for the MMA losses through the MMA betting lines. But $38 million bucks is a lot of fucking money, and I doubt the returns were anywhere near the costs. Basically, when the USA changed the laws to make online gambling illegal (land of the free, baby), Bodog’s strategy became obsolete. You saw them try and shift their promotional focus to Russia and Japan to try and drum up business internationally, but those markets are just too small when you’re burning through money the way Bodog was.

Anyways, I never know how to react when a promotion folds … should I be happy because they were sketchy or sad because they pumped money into a lot of other promotions? I was never a fan of the Bodog product, but it’s hard to argue that putting money into promotions like Strikeforce, Hook N Shoot and Sportfight was bad for our scene. Here’s hoping they’re just shutting down general operations and will continue to sponsor events.

  • Cecil's Peeps says:

    Ain’t no such things as halfway crooks

  • clint notestine says:

    I never thought Bodogfight was going any where but they lasted a lot longer than I expected.
    Lets hope they keep sponsoring fights and fighters.

  • garth says:

    i’d be more concerned were it not for the massive amounts of suck that bodog has pumped into the world. the only interesting thing they ever did was the poker tournament…Evy Ng, a tiny asian, knocked chuck liddell out of the invitational celebrity tourney
    not a lot of cool for such a vast amount of money.

  • Xavier says:

    Good riddance, but thanks for proving that Fedor is not a draw.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    The Fertittas blew $44 million (more if you consider inflation but still) on the UFC from 2001 to when they started making a profit in 2005. Bodog blew $38 million in what? A year and a half? What the hell? How did Bodog blow all that money? Fedor was expensive but his salary is not even 10% of that loss. I don’t get it. What was Bodog doing with that money?

  • Atom says:

    Even though they were losing money, the UFC probably had a lot more coming in through ticket sales and PPV revenue. Bodog was in those private locations, and even their PPV with Fedor did, what, 10k buys?

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    And I repeat, good riddance to Bodog. They’re good to have around for sponsorships and their women’s MMA was the best in North America and they had some good fighters (Eddie Alvarez) but other than that, they suck. What I liked about Bodog though is how they put out their TV episodes and later on their PPV fights (Fedor v Lindland included) on their website for free download (including HD format). Their overall product sucked but there are some fights worth downloading on there.

  • bobby says:

    uNkZg5 Hi! Nice site! Where is a add to favorite button& 😉

  • Tommy says:

    Any idea how many of those 38 millions where funneled and simple called ‘lost’?

  • rollshop says:

    hey linker, whats with all the google ads and shit now?

  • Accomando says:

    rollshop, they had to sell-out because linker quit his job.

    The Ads are always accompanied by a funny mma-related pic, so they are more than tolerabe to me.

  • yup, that’s pretty much it. While we never plan on turning the site into a retardo ad-fest, we are in the middle of setting the site up so it brings in some moneys (as is generally the idea when ads are added)