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Bobby Lashley’s latest opponent

As usual, Bobby Lashley has been tacked onto another Strikeforce card and Chad Griggs has been specially drafted into the organization to fight him. Let’s run Chad through the can-o-meter to see where he rates:

Good sign: Griggs has an 8-1 record featuring a lot of quick knockouts, many in the first three minutes of his fights.

Bad sign: He was mainly active back in 2006 / 2007, with only a single fight since then in mid-2009 (against an 0-0 opponent).

Bad sign: Only two of his opponents have records above .500

Bad sign: He’s another Strikeforce virgin brought in to face Lashley.

Conclusion: Okay, sure the paintjob doesn’t hold up to closer inspection, but at least Griggs has a decent record, he’s capable of finishing fights, and he’s not going to show up with a pot belly. If Lashley would just shut his dumb face and stop saying crap like “Gimme Fedor!”, then Griggs would be a decent second fight to build him up in Strikeforce. As it stands though, we’re all very aware this is a build up job and we’re sick of that crap, especially since it’s quite obvious the only thing it’s building up is a shameful Lashley / Batista fight on PPV.