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Bobby Lashley goes from can to more experienced can

A few days ago, the Florida Athletic Commission kicked Strikeforce’s can opponent for Bobby Lashley to the curb, forcing the promotion to scramble for a new opponent. Rumors quickly started to float around that Jimmy Ambriz was that opponent. He seems appropriate: he’s developed a pretty rock solid reputation of losing to everyone worth half a damn. Check out some of the guys he’s been defeated by:

Jeff Monson (x2), Sergei Kharitonov, Anthony Ruiz, Chris Tuchscherer, Scott Junk, Justin Eilers, Jerome LeBanner, Ricco Rodriguez, Dan Christison, Josh Barnett

Meanwhile, his biggest wins are against Dan Bobish and fellow last second super can Ruben ‘Warpath’ Villareal.

If you’re not all too excited about this matchup, don’t despair just yet: it looks like Strikeforce may just be keeping Ambriz in their back pocket in case a better opponent can’t be found. They’ve gotten approval for the fight from the Florida Commission, but haven’t signed any paperwork. And half the Strikeforce insiders people are talking to are wrinkling their noses at this fight and saying ‘Definitely no’.

But I wouldn’t say definitely. The fight is already halfway done and unless Strikeforce can find someone with a better name to beatability ratio who’ll accept the fight fresh off the couch after 4 months of Modern Warfare 2, it could very well be Ambriz.

My issue with Ambriz and cans like him is we don’t even get to see a good fight. His last three losses lasted a grand total of 5:14. He replaced Jeff Monson against Sergei Kharitonov at a recent DREAM event (see video above) and looked about as competitive a three legged race horse. I don’t mind mismatches, but there’s gotta be guys out there who at least put up a more dynamic and exciting fight en route to losing.