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Bob Shamrock not doing well

As if prepping for Kimbo Slice wasn’t enough for Ken Shamrock to deal with right now, he’s also got much bigger issues at hand. His father Bob Shamrock is in bad shape after having a heart attack:

Dave Meltzer, editor of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” is reporting that Bob Shamrock, the adopted father of Ken and Frank Shamrock, suffered a heart attack over the weekend and that both of his kidneys have shut down as he remains in hospital.

Bob is known for taking in hundreds of troubled boys and helping them get their lives back on track. Past adopting Ken and Frank, he’s also had an impact on many other MMA fighters’ lives. Here’s Jens Pulver:

well first off whats up all. I need to ask you all to put Bob Shamrock in your thoughts right now, he is having a tough go medically and could really use it. He helped me out alot in the beginning letting me stay with him and train at shamrock 2000 when i was first getting started. I owe him alot for that.

Today at 2pm there’s a media conference call to promote Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock. As far as I know, Ken will still be participating. This is turning out to be a bad week to be a good guy. Why can’t Jesus throw down some fucking meteors and smite guys like Osama bin Laden and War Machine?